How To Wear Whites This Winter

Winter is quickly approaching here in New England. The days are getting much colder, darker, and gloomier. What a perfect time to pull out your cozy coats, chunky sweaters, wool scarves, and snow boots!

You may know of the old fashion rule, no white after Labor Day! But, now in 2018 it is completely appropriate and fashionable to wear whites all year long. This clean and neutral palette is perfect to coordinate with any look while there is nothing more refreshing than a crisp white accessory to add a pop to your winter outfits. To help you get inspired, we are presenting you with four ways to wear white this winter.

White Feather Hat


The extreme cold might make you wonder how you can look cozy yet cute at the same time. A supple and warm wool cloche makes the perfect accessory for the winter months. This stylish white hat features a fun, crystal-embellished feather adornment that will have people stopping to take notice.

Carole’s ”Fiorela” White Cloche with Grey Flower Shop Now »

White Italian Handbag


Accessorize your look with an elegant white handbag. This white Florentine leather tote is the perfect bag for any season and can easily transition from day to night. Pair this bag with an all black outfit for a chic look, or wear this bag with a bold and colorful outfit to add a subtle accessory.

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White Sequined Scarf


Add a little glam to any outfit with a scarf – one of the best accessories to throw on for a little pizzazz! This long sheer white scarf is finished with shimmering silver beads and sequins. It will have you looking très chic, even when you are bundled up to stay warm.

Elizabeth’s Sequined Skinny Scarf Shop Now »

Looking for different ways to wear your favorite scarf? Check out our post here:

White Murano Glass Torsade


Stand out with a chunky beaded necklace! A white statement necklace like this one will compliment any outfit. You can wear this dressed up or down and look amazing either way. These long, luxurious strands are gently twisted together for a beautiful and elegant touch.

White Murano Glass Torsade Necklace Shop Now »

Holiday Gift Guide

The Christmas season is officially upon us and you might need some gifting ideas. Our holiday gift guide has something for everyone on your Christmas list! From jewelry to gift baskets, you can find beautiful handmade and exclusive items to send to the ones you love. Even if you are looking for a last minute gift, we got you covered with our unique and meaningful selections. Continue reading to get inspired by our holiday gift guide.

Stocking Stuffers


Meaningful quotes are one of the greatest gifts of life. Quotes and sayings can bring peace of mind and make you feel optimistic. These positive words, ”Everything Is Possible,” can bring cheer to all. This plaque is made from high quality pewter by our artisans John and Bonnie of Nova Scotia and the size of it makes it the perfect stocking stuffer.



A good accessory can pull together any outfit. Handbags, scarves, hats, and barrettes are perfect gifts for that accessory lover. This black handbag is definitely a statement piece that will coordinate with nearly any look. Our artisan sisters Alessandra and Elisabetta handcraft this stylish black Florentine leather satchel with supple Italian leather.



Jewelry will always make the perfect gift for any occasion. We all feel loved and appreciated when receiving a special piece of jewelry because it is something that we can treasure forever. This silver and gold Murano glass braided necklace is a wonderful statement piece. Our artisans Cristina and Pierluigi of Venice skillfully hand-strung each piece one at a time onto several strands before the braiding process.



Christmas ornaments can be used year after year, and they hold the same emotional value as they did when you first received them. From Polish pottery to fabric-inspired ornaments, there is a wide variety to choose from in our ornament shop. These stocking ornaments are handcrafted from our Filipino artisans and they were inspired by luxurious fabric. Each ornament is decorated with festive glitter for a truly sparkling touch.

Gift Baskets


Gift baskets make the perfect last minute gifts when you are in doubt. This gift basket offers flavorsome edibles that include gourmet ingredients from all over the world. The combination of sweet, salty, and savory makes this the ideal gift for any palate.

For Him


Are you searching for one-of-a-kind gifts for him? Go ahead and surprise him with something unique. The craftsmanship of this wooden motorcycle is very impressive. Each sculpture is individually hand-carved one at time from native albesia wood.

Animal Lovers


Do you know a special someone who adores animals? From cats to owls, you can find a variety of your favorite animals in different forms such as jewelry, sculptures, and pillows. This white Florentine cat pillow is hand-stitched by Letizia of Florence. The entire pillow has a unique pattern and the hand-trimmed silky bow with a bell adds a charming final touch.

The Hostess


There is always that someone who loves to entertain guests. For the holidays, it is only natural to send serveware or dishware for them to use for their next party. This Polish pottery baking dish features snowflakes, poinsettias, holly, pinecones, and cardinals. The durability of this stoneware makes it quite an ideal piece.

Home Decor


A unique piece of wall art can be a very sentimental gift for that special someone in your life. Choose a wall piece that identifies with that individual’s personality. This ”Starry Sky” tree wall art is perfect for nature lovers. Lisa of Pennsylvania hand-pressed each botanical collage with flowers and then house it with a wooden frame.



5 Handcrafted Ornaments Your Christmas Tree Will Love

Nothing makes your Christmas tree more magical than adding a touch of beautiful ornaments. From hand-blown glass ornaments to Polish Pottery ornaments, there are a variety of styles for everyone. Our exquisite handcrafted ornaments can instantly become a family favorite and they will make the perfect gift because it’s something you can enjoy for years to come. Here are 5 of our handcrafted ornaments your Christmas tree will love and so will you!

Darlings through the Decades


Our gorgeous ornaments represent the era of prohibition, jazz, and Art Deco of the 1920s, 1940s post-war style, simple and elegant 1960s style, and the cool, confident sophistication of the 1950s. These gorgeous ornaments are from the artist family in Milan, Italy, who decorates each piece by hand. Add some style to your Christmas tree with these lovely darlings through the decades.

Glittery Accents 


These hand-blown ornaments are created in a family workshop in Poland. This technique involves forming molten glass into a bubble by blow-piping. After the process is complete, the glass needs to cool until it becomes solid glass. Then each ornament is adorned with beautiful colors and glitter.

Fabric Inspired


Our artisans from Filipino are inspired by lovely fabric patterns. To create this frog prince ornament, an original mold is carved out from plaster and mold before the hand-painting begins. For the final touch, glittering accents is added for a whimsical feel.

Polish Pottery


This Polish pottery ornament is made with high quality white clay. Once the clay is formed and glazed, it is then fired at high temperatures for enormous durability. Polish pottery is greatly influenced by the color blue because it is associated with beauty. These lively colors will look amazing on a vibrant Christmas tree color scheme.

Thanksgiving Recipe: Baked Artichoke Hearts


Thanksgiving is about family gatherings and being thankful for the people and things in your life. At Uno Alla Volta, we honor human connection and build long-lasting relationships with our artisans. We strive to bring joy to others by sharing the work from the hands and hearts of our creators. These crafted treasures are handmade one at a time to inspire and touch the soul of its new caretaker.

In the celebration of Thanksgiving, we also enjoy a big meal which includes turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and much more. Since our treasures are gracefully unique and no two items are exactly alike, we would like to share with you this delicious and unique Thanksgiving dish.


Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 40 minutes

Total time: 50 minutes


  • 3 packages of frozen artichoke hearts
  • 2/3 cup of Italian seasoned bread crumbs
  • 1 cup of Parmesan cheese
  • Water
  • Extra virgin olive oil to drizzle
  • Minced garlic


  1. Spray your pan with a spray oil of your choice and preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Boil your artichokes for about 5 minutes then drain the water.
  3. Combine the minced garlic, Parmesan cheese, and breadcrumbs in a bowl and set aside.
  4. Add one layer of artichokes in your pan and add half of the breadcrumb mixture on top.
  5. Add two teaspoons of water to avoid dryness.
  6. Then add another layer of artichokes and add the rest of the breadcrumb mixture on top.
  7. Drizzle olive oil on top and bake for 35 to 40 minutes or until the breadcrumbs are golden brown.
  8. Serve! Looking for the right dish to serve your delicious side meal on? Click here!

Celebrating World Peace Day

On November 17th, we celebrate World Peace Day. As some may know, a dove and the olive branch represent peace. The ancient symbolism of the dove started back to the biblical story of Noah’s Ark. The story of the dove returning to the Arc with a fresh olive branch revealed to Noah that the land was no longer flooded. The dove symbolism also derive from the early Christian art in which the dove signifies the peace of the soul. In honor of World Peace Day, we’re presenting you with 4 stunning treasures that greatly symbolize peace and harmony.

Recycled Glass Dove Nightlight


Fill your home with light and tranquility. Our Florida artisans, the Gray family, create this recycled glass nightlight. Not only are they creating a handmade treasure that signifies peace but they’re also protecting our environment by creating these eco-friendly designs one at a time.

Daniel Lyons’ Dove of Peace Pin and Pendant


Our London artisan, Daniel Lyons designed this lovely Dove of Peace pendant necklace. The pendant is spectacularly detailed and the metallic colors, silver and gold coordinate beautifully together. The design of this necklace is also inspired by Terri’s favorite prayers, ”may the world see peace speedily in our days.”

”Dove of the Holy Spirit”


This art piece was inspired by a painting by 13th century artist, Andrea Del Verrochio and his learner Leonardo da Vinci. The Lazzari family beautifully transfers this image to a damp mortar for a century old look. The choice of colors sends us a heavenly ambiance that works perfectly with the theme of the artwork.

Dove Pewter Christmas Ornament


Our artisan John and Bonnie handcrafted this highly detailed ornament. Made from lead-free pewter, this dove ornament has a smooth and beautiful shine to it. The symbolism of this ornament will add a meaningful touch to your Christmas tree.


3 Unique Table Centerpieces for the Home

It is that time of year to throw formal family parties and what may come to mind other than delicious food is to dazzle our guests with a beautiful tablescape. Every host wants to pull together a show-stopping table arrangement that suits their style. Depending on your style, a beautiful yet distinctive centerpiece can add great charm to your everyday home décor. If you are looking for something distinctive to add to your dining table this year, we have 3 unique centerpieces that will make all your guests stare and smile!

”In The Palm of My Hands” Sculptural Bowl


This one-of-a-kind sculptural bowl gives off a boho chic ambiance.  You can add a succulent or even a rose to bring in the outdoor nature indoors. The detail of this handmade piece is finessed to perfection and it will make a great accent to your dining table.

Hudson River Ice House Bowl


This icy bowl will add distinctiveness yet elegance to your tablescape. This highly reflective glass bowl emanates a wintry feeling. This is the perfect centerpiece for those who love to add a unique and frosty touch to their dining room space.

Giovanni’s Borosilicate Glass Candle Holder and Vase


This amazing candle holder and vase will absolutely wow your guests. The vase is ideal for those with less experience in arranging flowers and makes it easier for any flower arrangement professional. You may also add a candle if you desire. Adding seasonal flowers or any flowers of your choice will bring out your style and create the mood that you are seeking.

The Joy of Pumpkins

A pop of pumpkin will add an immense deal of vibrancy to your home or even your wardrobe this time of year. Many of our artisans are inspired by pumpkins when creating seasonal pieces made for every person, from jewelry to Jack-O’-Lanterns. Whether they were hand blown or handcrafted, these handmade treasures were skillfully created one at a time. Explore our one-of-kind pumpkin treasures to add to your celebrations this season!

Hand-Gilded Jack-O’-Lantern Wine Glass


These Halloween inspired wine glasses are transformed from ordinary glass into brilliant works of art. Amedeo of Verona, Italy and his two sons, Valentino and Roberto apply stucco jack-o’-lanterns to the glass, a layer of gold leaf, and then brush each one with lucent glazes. Once completely dry, each is hand-polished to a gleaming luster.

Christie’s Pumpkin Patch Suncatcher


Suncatchers are a superb way to decorate your home for the fall season. Christie of Texas creates each pumpkin patch stained glass suncatcher in beautiful shades of orange. This skillfully handmade work of art will look festive hung up indoors near windows.

Polish Pottery Small Orange Pumpkin



Polish pottery artisans create pieces that will make a perfect accent to your home, such as this autumnal pumpkin. Each small pumpkin is strikingly original and detailed. The colors and patterns are perfectly selected to create this autumnal theme.

Leon Nussbaum’s Mexican Opal Pumpkin Earrings


Designed by Leon Nussbaum, these Mexican opal pumpkin earrings are perfect for the autumn season, featuring bright and shimmering yellow, orange and red Mexican opal. Pair these earrings with your favorite outfit to give your look a little seasonal spice.

4 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Scarf

As the weather grows colder, we break out our favorite fall accessories: Hats, boots, mittens…but the best of all? Scarves! One of the most versatile accessories, a scarf can be worn in multiple ways for a variety of occasions. Loop it around your neck with your favorite sweater for a cozy-comfy look, or drape it over your shoulders while you wear your favorite evening attire. To help you stay fashionable this chilly season, we’re presenting you with 4 ways to wear your favorite scarf!

alpaca scarf

Grey and Brown Reversible Alpaca Wrap

1. Over the shoulder

Give your look a more dramatic flair while remaining cozy and chic! Start by wrapping your scarf around your neck. Instead of keeping both ends in the front, allow one to remain in back by throwing it over your shoulder. This look is the perfect way to break up symmetry and give you an edgier style.


Red Guipure Lace Scarf

 2. Tie it!

We love the look of our Red Guipure Lace Scarf when it’s tied at the neck. Simply wrap your scarf around your neck, and tie the two loose ends into a single knot in front of you. You can tie the knot high and close to your neck, or lower, for a looser, more relaxed look.


 Joyita’s Silk Sunflower Scarf Set

 3. Clip it

Looking to add a fun detail to your scarf? Try clipping it! Simply wrap your scarf around your neck, with the two loose ends dangling in front of you. Grab your favorite brooch or pin, and use it to clip/connect the two ends of the scarf together at the midway point. Match your brooch to your scarf, or switch it up with a pop of a different color. There are so many possibilities with this style, so have fun with it!


Italian Rainbow Plaid Scarf

 4. Drape it

Add an elegant touch to your favorite dress or evening wear by draping your scarf as if it were a shawl. Keep in mind that this look requires a scarf that’s a little on the wider side, so that it may stay comfortably on your shoulders.

5 Halloween Inspired Home Décor Ideas

Around this time of year in New England, we see the beauty of change in the season. The colors green, yellow, orange, and red embark the transition into autumn. As our days get shorter and our nights get colder, we cozy up in our homes. Whether you love autumn or looking for ways to get your home into the spirit of Halloween; these accent pieces will bring character into your room in a festive, elegant way.

2018 Edition Polish Pottery Jack-O’-Lantern 


Placing pumpkins around your home will create a fun look to any room. This decorative Polish pottery Jack-O’-Lantern is skillfully handmade. Halloween motifs are stamped on with hand-carved sea sponges and details are added with fine brushwork.

Polymer Clay Ghosts Figurine


Add some effortless and spooky touches to your home. These ghost figurines will add a hauntingly yet adorable look to your décor and will leave your guests smiling. These figurines are made from brilliantly colored polymer clay, which is a hardenable modeling clay.

Polish Pottery Haunted House Luminaries


Add a tea light to this haunted house luminary to light up a room and add a warm touch to your home. Use multiple luminaries while decorating to enhance the spookiness of your entry table or mantel for all your guests to see.

Autumn’s Bounty Wreath


Celebrate all things Fall! Wreaths are the perfect décor piece to add an instant seasonal change to any home. This adorable wreath featuring mini pumpkins and colorful leaves is sure to add a touch of autumnal flair.

Hand-Painted Witch Wall Art


Throughout folklore history, witches have been synonymous with wickedness and magic. This spooky wall art piece featuring a witch flying on her broomstick across the night sky will definitely add a touch of hocus pocus to any room. Each piece is beautifully hand-painted then triple-coated in sealant for added durability.

October Birthstone: Opal Stone

opal jewelry

Opal, known as the ”queen of gems,” can flash patterns of color representing every hue of the rainbow. Believed by ancient people to actually contain fire, opal has long been credited as having magical qualities. By tradition, opal was said to help its wearer in seeing endless possibilities. With many years of history behind it, we would like to share with you the history, formation, and types of this miraculous stone.

The Discovery of Opals

Opal has been discovered similarly to the way diamonds were produced and was priced as high as diamonds in ancient Greece. The famous anthropologist, Louis Leakey discovered the earliest known opal artifacts in the caves of Kenya. Historically, these stones were also found in Australia, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Brazil.

Ancient Romans adored opal and provided the first real market for them. This was a great deal because by that time many countries had become familiar with opal and the wealthiest people acquired a passion for beautiful gems.

How Opal Is Processed

Our artisans produce the opal resin by crushing natural rock and mixing it with a specially developed resin, which allows them to easily cut and shape the pieces needed to set in the jewelry.

The Types of Opal

Black opal

Black opal stone can range from dark grey to jet black. The rainbow colors in black opal stand out incredibly making the colors very vibrant.

White Opal

White opals are very common. It has a milky appearance and it’s capable of displaying mixed colors of red, green, purple, and blue.

Boulder Opal

The name “Boulder opals” came from the mining of large ironstone boulders under the ground. The vibrancy of color in this opal is similar to black opals due to its dark tone.

Fire Opal

Fire opal receives their name from its fiery background color. It contains bright yellow, bright orange and bright red.

Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian opal has a wide variety of color especially reds.  Their appearance is similar to glass due to its smooth surface and extreme radiance.