Just Peachy

Plan on being pretty in pink this summer with our peachy treasures. This delicate shade of blush will brighten up any summer afternoon or illuminate an evening out this season.

Looking for ways to pair your peach accessories? This shade looks best with other light colors such as white, khaki, and beige. Throw on Lucille’s scarf over a white dress to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Cristina and Pierluigi’s blush torsade can dress up even most basic ensemble of your choice, and the simple yet elegant design of Michael’s pink heart collection can complement any color combination you may be wearing.

Michael of San Francisco is a true master of his craft. Having studied his father’s work as a child, he was trained even more extensively by famed glass artisans as an adult. His work is an example of simple, flawlessly executed designs. This multi heart pink collection would make the perfect gift for an anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or even a “just because” gift for a loved one.

Michael’s Pink Multi Heart Necklace 


Michael’s Pink Heart Earrings


Michael’s Pink Heart Bracelet


Alessandra’s Pink Suede Bucket Bag


Alessandra masterfully handcrafts each roomy light pink bucket-style Italian suede handbag in her family-run workshop in Florence, Italy. Alessandra and her sister, Elisabetta, continue to anticipate fashion trends with sophisticated styles, luxurious leathers and exacting detail. Their chic handbags have developed a strong following, which makes us happy to offer you this bag, handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta. Each handbag features a light pink suede base featuring a hand-cut deep grey suede tassel and braided leather handles.

Cristina And Pierluigi’s Cream, Blush, And Gold Venetian Torsade


In Venice, Cristina and Pierluigi, our husband and wife team of artisans, use the centuries-old tradition of lampworking to create each spectacular torsade. Romantic hues of blush, cream, and gold run through the many strands of delicate seed beads and gleaming glass pearls.

Lucille’s “Sorbet” Marbled Silk Scarf


Working from her studio on the Connecticut shoreline, Lucille, our silk artisan, uses the antique art form of marbling to create each “Sorbet” scarf. Marbling is accomplished by floating drops of specialized pigments on a surface of thickened water, then running a comb-like tool through the ink to create a dramatic pattern. A treated scarf of 100% silk is placed on the surface until the swirling pastel design is absorbed. A matching silk-covered clip and scarf tying instructions are included with this scarf – discover even more ways to style this scarf with Uno Alla Volta’s Guide to Scarves!

Pink Marbled Italian Leather Journal


Our Italian artisans begin with a base of fine Florentine leather to handcraft each pink marbled journal. To create the marbleized cover, the leather is dipped into a swirling bath of colorful pigments. Due to the intricacies of the hand-marbling process, the color and brightness of each journal may vary, with no two exactly alike. Once the design is complete, the leather and lined paper are bound together to finish the journal.

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Seaside Treasures

Whether you live on the water or in the middle of the desert, take a stroll by the sea with our coastal treasures. Enjoy a summer spritzer in one of Margaret of Virginia Beach’s sea creature wine glasses, or carry the ocean with you while wearing Kim of California’s sea adventure jewelry. Answer the song of sirens with a mermaid wish box, nightlight, or hand-thrown mug.

Margaret of Virginia Beach handcrafts each sea life wine glass one at a time. In a meticulous seven-hour process, Margaret hand-paints and bakes each sea creature design onto the glass so that the decoration is dishwasher safe.

View them all here.

Kim’s Sea Adventure Accessories

Kim takes a whimsical turn with this colorful millefiori coastal collection. In her California studio, she layers multiple strips of colorful polymer clay, which are then stretched and pulled into canes and sliced into thin cross sections to create the beachy designs.



“Make Waves” Mermaid Wish Box of Pewter


This “Make Waves” pewter mermaid wish box features a charming mermaid and comes with a complementary starfish pendant on a delicate chain. Our artisans in a small harbor side village in Nova Scotia handcraft each mermaid trinket box of lead-free pewter that is hand-finished and polished to a gleaming luster. You can feel good about this purchase, as the artists donate a portion of the proceeds to fund charitable organizations.

Recycled Glass Mermaid Nightlight


Ignite a natural wonder of the ocean with our mermaid nightlight. Our eco-conscious Florida artisans recycle and repurpose discarded glass to create this treasure. An adorable accent for any room, it creates a glowing ambiance anywhere it’s placed.

JoAnn’s Hand-Thrown Stoneware Mermaid Mug


To create each nautical mermaid mug, our artisan JoAnn, in her Pocono mountains studio, hand-throws each stoneware mug on a wheel, adds hand-cut details and handle, then fires, glazes and fires each one again.

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Charming Chimes

Listen to the sounds of summer and the music of the wind with our whimsical wind chimes. Each breeze sings a song, and each ray of the sun casts a shimmer that dances in the summer sky. From ocean creatures to the critters we find in our garden, find a melodious treasure to complement your porch or your living room.

Artisans in the port city of Surat, India, continue their centuries-old tradition of metal crafting, hand-cutting and forging iron into functional, decorative pieces. Using closely-guarded family formulas, they create their own metal alloys to craft “nana” bells: the sweetly soothing bells that accent their rustic designs, each sounding a gentle reminder to slow down, relax, and enjoy the breeze.

Handcrafted “Dragonfly” Nana Bell Chime


Handmade Seahorse Wind Chime


Handmade Bird Wind Chime


Handmade Cat Wind Chime


Handmade Turtle Wind Chime


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Surround Yourself with the Sea: Seascape Décor

Drink in the sea with seaside décor to complete the ambiance of your home this summer. Whether you live on the beach or in the Arctic Circle, you can bring the ocean inside with these coastal treasures.

Pearlescent Capiz Shell Sea Horse Tray Handcrafted in the Phillipines


Our artisans in the Philippines handcraft this seahorse tray of capiz shell, a delicate and highly iridescent material gathered from locally harvested “Windowpane Oysters,” combined with enamel to create each tray. To finish, the surface is carefully airbrushed, uno alla volta, in great detail to create the life-like underwater seahorse scene.

Seashore Fragrance Wax Vessel


Each seashore fragrant wax vessel is hand-poured and embedded with genuine sea shells and natural essences to release a long lasting fragrance of sun-warmed sands and sea salt air blended with watery moss and breezy musk.

Albesia Wood Seahorse Sculptures


Nyoman, our artisan from Tamparksiring, Indonesia, hand-carves each set of wooden seahorse sculptures one at a time before adding hand-painted details.

Recycled Glass Seahorse Nightlight


Our eco-conscious Florida artisans handcraft this seahorse nightlight using recycled glass, one at a time. For nearly two decades they have perfected upcycling discarded glass into unique translucent nightlights, like this seahorse nightlight. For each nightlight, recycled glass is selected and then designed to create this seahorse shape, after that the glass is fused in an energy efficient kiln.

Bill And Elaine’s Turtle Wall Hanging


Shimmering Turquoise Fish Of Murano


For nearly 30 years, Francesco has been handcrafting delightful glass sculptures on Venice’s famed isle of Murano. To create this colorful turquoise fish, he first mouth-blows the glass then infuses it with shimmering gold leaf.

For more coastal collectibles and seaside decor, visit our website.

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Summer Nights

Nothing says summer quite like an evening spent with friends. Now that the temperature has risen (at least on the East Coast!) a cool summer night spent dining outside after a long day of sunshine can be the perfect end to the workweek. Move your kitchen outdoors with our collection of iridescent drinking glasses perfect for a mild summer night.

Hand-Blown Iridescent Cocktail Glass


Hand-Blown Iridescent Champagne Flute


Hand-Blown Iridescent Wine Glass


Iridescent Mouth-Blown Cocktail Glass- Clear


Iridescent Mouth-Blown Cocktail Glass- Blue


Fill your glass with this champagne sangria recipe courtesy of Giada De Laurentiis from FoodNetwork.com.  Find the recipe here.


  • 1 (750-ml) bottle Prosecco or French Champagne, chilled
  • ½ cup orange juice
  • 2 cups mint simple syrup (recipe below)
  • 1 lemon, zested and thinly sliced
  • ½ cup sliced strawberries
  • 5 fresh mint springs
  • Crushed ice


Mint Simple Syrup:

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup packed fresh mint leaves



In a large pitcher, combine the Prosecco, orange juice, Mint Simple Syrup, lemon zest, and lime zest. Add the sliced strawberries, lemon slices, lime slices, and mint sprigs.

Fill glasses with crushed ice and pour the sangria over the top. Serve immediately.

Mint Simple Syrup:

In a small saucepan, combine the sugar, water, and mint over medium heat. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the sugar has dissolved. Remove the pan from the heat and allow the syrup to cool for 20 minutes. Strain before using.

Substitute the champagne with sparkling cider to share with the whole family!

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Artisan Spotlight: Intarsia of Sorrento

Anyone who has ever visited the town of Sorrento, the gateway to the Amalfi coast, will share with you stories of the lush greenery of the city. But, Sorrento brings to the world so much more than beautiful scenery and its world famous limoncello.

Since the 16th century, it has been the home of a very special art form known as “intarsia.” This ancient art consists of cutting and assembling small pieces of shaped wood to produce beautiful mosaic artwork.

Our artisan, Antonino, first learned his craft from his uncle Vincenzo, more than 40 years ago. Today, Antonino brings patience, passion and imagination to his beautiful works, crafted of a variety of woods: mahogany, maple, paddock, tulipie, and horse chestnut. He is forever inspired by the stunning views of his beloved hometown.

Take a stroll through Sorrento with Antonino’s “Girasoli Sulla Baia” wall art. This beautiful scene’s name is Italian for “Sunflowers On The Bay.” Antonino crafts each piece, uno alla volta, before finishing it with many coats of a glistening lacquer. This signed treasure is intended to be passed from generation to generation.

Antonino’s “Girasoli Sulla Baia” Intarsia



“Gatti Sotto I Limoni” Wall Art


Antonino of Sorrento handcrafts each “”Gatti Sotto I Limoni” wall art piece one a time in his Italian studio. Translating to “Cats Under The Lemons,” each piece is crafted from a special technique known as “intarsia,” in which small pieces of wood are cut and assembled into larger mosaics. Once he finishes piecing the image together, the wood is sealed with multiple coats of a gleaming finish.

Meet Antonino

The Beauty of Nature

With summer all around us, we at Uno Alla Volta are infinitely inspired by the beauty of nature. The sunflowers drink in the warm rays of the sun, the bumblebees buzz with the cool breezes of spring, the ocean’s current aligns with the moon – all of these facets of Mother Nature compel us to create.

Join us as we drink in the warm air of summer with our nature-inspired treasures for the home and to wear.

Leaf-Patterned Leather Crossbody Handbag


As if imprinted directly from leaves, delicate patterns are captured in remarkable detail on each one-of-a-kind handbag. Our Florida artisan uses tools of her own design to create the patterns in the leather before it is cut and sewn into a unique work of art.

Florentine Bumblebee Brooch


In their Florence, Italy, workshop, Giuliano and Maria Neve, husband and wife for over 40 years, recreate nature’s beauty in gold-plated brass using the lost wax casting method. They bring this bumblebee brooch to life in hand-painted jewelers enamel and glittering hand-set crystal accents.

Joyita’s “Tree Of Life” Devore Silk Scarf


Drawing inspiration from the lush colors of California’s forests, Joyita masterfully creates each “Tree Of Life” scarf in devore silk. After hand-painting the fabric with brilliant silk dyes, she dries each scarf for 24 hours before steam-setting the glorious colors.

Cresting Wave Paperweight


Our Washington State artisans continually challenge the limits of molten glass with new ideas and designs, expertly creating each piece by hand. A marriage of science and art, these paperweights reveal the intricacies and mystery of naturally occurring phenomenon captured forever in crystal. Each contains dichroic glass for an iridescent effect which will hypnotize the viewer.

Daniel Lyons’ Bumblebee Brooch


Our dazzling bumblebee brooch is handcrafted in London by our jeweler, Daniel Lyons. Its sculpted metal surface is plated with 23k gold and accented with colorful jewelers’ enamel. It is then adorned with numerous multi-colored hand-set faceted Swarovski crystals.

Sunflower And Pomegranate Wreath


Artisans in Baja California, Mexico handcraft a floral treasure with this sunflower and pomegranate wreath. This wreath is assembled by hand with a variety of preserved and dried natural leaves with flowers, and finished with natural dried pomegranates and sunflowers.

For more nature-inspired treasures, visit our nature category.

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Artisan Spotlight: Michal Golan’s Patriotic Jewelry

Born and raised in Israel, Michal came to the US during her college years. Her father was a metallurgist (scientist of metals) and he came to the US on a sabbatical and worked as a visiting scientist with the National Bureau of Standards. For the last four decades, Michal has been proud to call the United States her home. Her three now grown children, all born in New York City, are each living the American dream in his or her own way.


With the pride of her new home, New York artisan, Michal Golan reflects her Middle-Eastern background into this “Love Of Country” collection. In honor of her beloved new country, Swarovski crystals and glass beads in red, white, and blue are all hand-set into 24k gold-plated brass to handcraft this fabulous necklace. Michal Golan truly lives the American dream, with a flourishing career that fulfills a lifelong passion.

Michal Golan’s “Love Of Country” Square Pendant Necklace


Michal Golan’s “Love Of Country” Crystal Star Brooch


Michal Golan’s “Love Of Country” Earrings


Michal Golan’s “Love Of Country” Charm Bracelet


Michal’s “Love Of Country” Ring


Michal’s “Love Of Country” Heart Earrings


Michal Golan’s “Love Of Country” Heart Pendant Necklace


To find even more patriotic treasures, visit unoallavolta.com/patriotic

Product Spotlight: Paperweights from Washington

Astrology holds that each sign of the zodiac is aligned with a planet or star that influences the personality of each person born under that sign. Our Washington State glass artisans masterfully handcraft these paperweights, representing the astrological signs’ ruling counterpart.

To create their celestial paperweights, our master glass artisans form the images by rolling the heated glass in colored glass powders, shaping with hand tools and adding gold leaf and dichroic glass pieces to the surface for an iridescent effect, using molten glass heated to over 2000° F. After the features are formed, they are then surrounded by clear and matte molten glass, shaped into a rounded form and polished to a smooth finish. Ash from the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens serves as the secret ingredient.

Just in time for summer, these masters of glass blowing have handcrafted an elaborate collection of ocean-themed paperweights depicting jellyfish and a coral reef.


See our whole collection of paperweights here.

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Dive Into The Deep Blue Sea

Dive into the deep blue sea with these purple and blue hues for your home and your wardrobe.

Hand-Blown Glass Starfish

Using traditional glassmaking techniques and his own signature details, our Massachusetts artisan handcrafts this sweet starfish. Once the design is complete, he uses only a blowpipe and hand tools to meticulously shape colorful molten glass into each starfish, which seems to radiate with beauty in the light.


Mark’s Hand-Blown “Northern Lights” Vase

Mark, our New Orleans glassblower, likens his craft to a dance, as he masterfully handcrafts each “Northern Lights” vase. Forty years’ experience has taught him to anticipate the glass’ response to slight changes of movement or additions of color. Using only a blowpipe and hand tools, he masterfully shapes layers of richly-colored glass, then uses a cold-fusion technique to create each


Lorena’s Blue and Purple Nautical Stretch Bracelets

Of all our glass artisans, Lorena of Murano is one of the most prolific, creating delicate masterpieces such as these purple and blue nautical stretch bracelets. These fun, beachy bracelets will stretch to fit most.


Lucille’s “Sorbet” Marbled Scarf

Lucille, the artisan behind this “Sorbet” marbled scarf, works just minutes away from our office on the Connecticut shoreline. Each scarf is made from 100% silk gently placed upon water that has been combed with rich, specialized pigments.


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