Host an Artful Summer Soiree


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This summer, entertain guests with hand-blown drinking glasses from Italy, floral Polish pottery serveware, and more! We have everything you need to make your next summertime gathering truly memorable…so let’s dive in!

Hand-Tatted Summertime Card Set

First thing’s first…the invites! If you plan on hosting a summer soiree, you’ll need to let guests know ahead of time so they can save the date. This set of 6 hand-tatted cards will set the tone for the day, as each one is decorated with original artwork inspired by the sea and accented with hand-tatted designs created from cotton thread that is looped and knotted.

Murano-Style Confetti Champagne Glasses

These colorful champagne glasses are hand-blown in Naples, Italy according to the traditions and techniques of Murano glass making. The unique, confetti-like pattern on each glass is created by rolling the molten glass in colorful glass chips before skillfully hand-blowing it into its final form. This set of 6 champagne glasses is perfect for bringing an artisanal touch to the table, and guests will enjoy being able to choose their favorite color!

Polish Pottery Tidal Wave Fish Platter

This Polish pottery platter is perfect for serving hors d’oeuvres. Artisans in Poland shape each one of their native clay and then use carved sponges and fine brushwork to hand-paint it with delightful sea life motifs. The unique fish shape of this platter brings a nautical touch to any tablespread!

Italian Ceramic Elephant Salt & Pepper Shakers

Guests will be delighted to find this adorable pair of elephants as they reach for the salt or pepper! Each one is shaped from stoneware clay and adorned with blooming floral designs by artisans in a third-generation family workshop in the Vicenza area of Italy.

Hand-Painted Floral Wine Glasses

When the meal has been served and it’s time to linger over sweets and a good red, guests will love sipping from our hand-painted floral wine glasses. Each one is an individual work of art painted by Kathleen of Michigan. Similar to our champagne glasses, guests can choose their favorite color or flower to sip from!

Pink Poppy

Purple Violet

Blue Violet

Buttermilk Abutilon

May Flowers


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For nearly three hundred years, glorious flowers have been hand-sculpted in this small town just outside of Naples, which is called Capodimonte, or “top of the mountain.” The heirloom-quality “forever flowers” created in this centuries-old workshop are so stunning and lifelike that they appear to have been freshly picked and laid across the table. Each petal and leaf is accented with natural veins to mimic a real flower, and if you look closely enough, you may be able to spot some of the whorls of the artisan’s fingerprint: a true testament to the handcrafted process.

Uno Alla Volta invites you to join us in watching our skilled ceramists Ciro and Aniello create one singular flower.

Here are a few of their latest creations:

Capodimonte Porcelain Pink & Yellow Iris
Capodimonte Porcelain Pink Hibiscus
Capodimonte Porcelain Light Blue Iris
Capodimonte Porcelain Orange Tulip

4 Ways To Bring Artistry To Your Easter Table


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With Easter less than a week away, now is the time to start thinking of this year’s tablescape. Here are 4 simple ways you can elevate your table settings to delight guests of all ages.

1.) Serve With Floral Polish Pottery

Set your table with Polish pottery plates, mugs, bowls, salt and pepper shakers, coffee creamers, and butter dishes in one of our exclusive floral patterns. Each stoneware piece is hand-painted with highly detailed motifs that extend the beauty of springtime to the table. Can’t choose just one? These patterns mix and match beautifully! Here are a few of our favorite floral patterns for Easter:

Wild Hydrangea

Rose Garden

Daisy Field

2.) Sip With Colorful Drinking Glasses

Bring whimsical color to the table with our hand-blown drinking glasses from Italy. Each one is handcrafted from molten glass that is rolled in colorful glass chips to create the unique designs. Each style comes as a set of six, and guests will love having the ability to choose their favorite color or pattern.

Copper Confetti



3.) Display Flowers In A Handcrafted Vase

Opting for a real floral centerpiece this year? Choose from one of our hand-blown or hand-painted glass vases from our glass masters of Italy, Poland, and beyond! Each one is an individual work of art that is sure to brighten up your table.

Murano-Style Confetti Glass Vase

Dancing With Rainbows Hand-Blown Glass Vase

Nature’s Grandeur Hand-Painted Glass Vase

4.) Invite A Few Bunnies

No, not real bunnies. We’re talking about our Polish pottery figurines! Each one is hand-shaped from stoneware clay and then hand-painted with blooming flowers to bring an element of old-world, traditional craftsmanship to the table. We can already see them hopping along your table runner…

Wild Hydrangea Bunny Couple

Secret Garden Bunny

Garden of Color Bunny

5 Fashion Tips As You Transition Your Style From Winter To Spring


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With March comes anticipation for the bright and beautiful styles of spring – pretty pastels and floral prints, light and airy fabrics, vacation-ready sun hats, and so much more. Here are 5 tips to consider as you shift your everyday style from winter to spring.

1.) Swap out wool hats for straw

A hat is the finishing touch to any outfit, no matter the season. In the winter we opt for hats to keep us warm, while in the springtime we use them to shelter from the sun’s harmful rays. Gear up for spring by swapping out your warmer wool hat for one made of straw. Did we mention that most of our straw sun hats are packable? They maintain their shape after being packed away, making them perfect for travel. Check out a few of our favorite straw derby hats, straw fedoras, and packable straw sun hats:

The “Claire” Straw Derby Hat

The “Macy” Straw Derby Hat

The “Cassandra” Straw Derby Hat

The “Lesley” Straw Cloche

2.) Pile on some floral prints

Spring is a time for celebrating new life, so it is only fitting that most spring fashion prints are inspired by the rebirth of Mother Nature. Start incorporating pretty floral prints into your outfit to add a bright and beautiful spring flair to any look. An easy way to do this is with an artisan-made scarf! Here are a few to get you started:

Elizabeth’s “Sunny Afternoon” Scarf

“Hydrangea Bouquet” Cotton Scarf

Elizabeth’s “Flower Market” Scarf

“Cherry Blossoms” Silk Scarf

3.) Treat yourself to a new artisan-made handbag

We think any woman who carries a handbag can agree that there is no better feeling than starting fresh. Let’s be honest….our carry-alls sometimes end up quite literally carrying all of our non-essential, extra stuff. Spring is a great time to start fresh by treating yourself to a brand new artisan-made handbag in a springy color or print. Here are a few of our latest:

“Morning Tulips” Tote

“Catania” Italian Leather Crossbody

“Rose Garden” Hand-Beaded Clutch

“Bardini” Italian Leather Handbag

4.) Opt for lightweight layers

“In like a lion, out like a lamb.” The month of March is a time of transitional weather, beginning quite cold and ending mild and pleasant. For all of us here on the Connecticut shoreline, it is a time for dressing in layers that are easy to remove if the day shifts from chilly to warm. Kimonos, wraps, and oversized scarves that double as shawls are great for this! Check out our latest pieces of apparel that are ideal for layering:

Aqua Pull-Through Wrap

“Colors At Play” Kimono

Elizabeth’s “See You At Sunrise” Kimono

“Leopard Jungle” Italian Silk Scarf

5.) Accessorize with jewelry inspired by nature

Complete your spring outfit with jewelry that embodies the most notable signs of spring – butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers. Our latest collection of handcrafted jewelry includes springtime pieces for every woman’s style. Find yours now:

Pastel Rainbow Crystal Dragonfly Necklace

Pastel Rainbow Crystal Dragonfly Earrings

Rose Of Sharon Murano Glass Torsade

Florentine Butterfly Brooch

Florentine Butterfly Earrings

5 Pieces Of Jewelry To Fall In Love With This Valentine’s Day


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With Valentine’s day just one week away, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite jewelry pieces infused with a little extra love.

1.) Daniel Lyons’ Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Heart Necklace

image of Daniel Lyons' Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace with sku:W21W007

This sparkling necklace from our London jeweler is inspired by the designs of the Victorian era. It showcases 7 ruby red enameled hearts encrusted with Swarovski crystals, pristine freshwater pearls, and is handcrafted from gleaming 23k gold. Did we mention we have earrings and a bracelet to match?

2.) Patrice’s Onyx & Garnet Heart Pendant Necklace

image of Patrice's Onyx & Garnet Heart Pendant Necklace with sku:WR2146061

This bold heart pendant necklace is handcrafted by Patrice of Florida. The center of each heart displays a faceted garnet stone surrounded by 24k gold and black onyx. Smooth, round garnet beads make up the the two strands from which the pendant proudly hangs.

3.) “Rainbow Mosaic” Murano Glass Millefiori Heart Earrings

image of ''Rainbow Mosaic'' Murano Glass Millefiori Heart Earrings with sku:WR2150042
In a fourth-generation family workshop, master Florentine craftsmen use Murano glass and painstaking millefiori techniques to handcraft these heart earrings. Each heart features an intricate millefiori mosaic created by heating and stretching bundles of glass canes, slicing them to reveal the designs, and then using special tweezers to individually hand-set each tiny colored piece into place in order to create a rainbow effect.

4.) Avi’s Sterling Silver & Rose Gold Heart Ring

image of Avi's Sterling Silver & Rose Gold Heart Adjustable Ring with sku:WN9A24013

Our Israeli jeweler handcrafts this shining ring. Classically elegant and beautifully bold, it pairs a stylish rose gold heart with gleaming sterling silver. 

5.) “Sweetheart” Necklace & Earrings Set

image of ''Sweetheart'' Necklace & Earrings Set with sku:WR2012043

Our jewelry designers in Colorado use their own original photography to handcraft the hearts on this jewelry set. Each hypoallergenic piece is created using a UV giclee print which is affixed to a heart-shaped metal tile. Enjoy wearing these sweet pieces separately or together!

January Birthstone: Garnet


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How Can I Spot It?

The word “garnet” is derived from the Latin word for Garanatus, which means seed-like, as it is similar to a pomegranate seed in both size and color. Although it is available in many colors, deep red happens to be the most common color of garnet.

What Does It Symbolize?

Garnet symbolizes health, prosperity, and regeneration, all of which are in our hopes when starting a fresh New Year.

During the Bronze Age, Egyptians would use garnet as an embellishment in their jewelry and carvings because it symbolized life.  In time, it also became very popular among the Romans and Ancient Greeks. Warriors during the Crusades used garnets as a lucky charm when going into battle because they believed it had healing powers.

Back in the biblical period, it is believed that a garnet stone led Noah’s Ark through the darkness and into the light. Today, people adore garnet mostly because of what it represents, and use it in jewelry, prayer beads, and the realm of spiritual healing.

Where Is It Found?

Unlike many other gemstones, garnet is found all over the world. It is mined in countries like Brazil, Russia, Namibia, and the United States. In fact, there are even a few popular garnet mines right here in Uno Alla Volta’s home state of Connecticut, making it the state mineral.

Here is some of our favorite handcrafted jewelry featuring this deep red stone:

“Gentle Breeze” Gemstone Necklace

image of ''Gentle Breeze'' Gemstone Necklace with sku:WR1830011

“Sunburst” Gemstone Necklace

image of ''Sunburst'' Gemstone Necklace with sku:WR1704011

“Gentle Breeze” Gemstone Earrings

image of ''Gentle Breeze'' Gemstone Earrings with sku:WR1830012

Joli’s Paisley Spiral Gemstone Earrings

image of Joli's Gemstone Paisley Spiral Hoop Earrings with sku:WR0212050

Gemstone Chakra Ring

image of Gemstone Chakra Adjustable Ring with sku:WR1216040

“Sunburst” Gemstone Earrings

image of ''Sunburst'' Gemstone Earrings with sku:WR1704012

Avi’s Garnet & Blue Topaz Cuff

image of Avi's Garnet & Blue Topaz Adjustable Cuff with sku:WR0158050

5 Tips For Creating A Holiday Tablescape Worth Lingering Over


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The season of dinner parties and gatherings with family and friends is here once again! If you’ll be the one hosting this year’s holiday festivities, here are a few ways you can bring an artistic elegance to the table and give guests a dining experience to remember.

1.) Incorporate Metallics

Adding metallic touches to your place settings or centerpieces will bring sparkle and light to your table. Use gold and copper accents to bring warmth and silver accents to bring a cooler, icy touch. If you’ll be using a tablecloth, shoot for one in a rich holiday hue like ivory, burgundy, or forest green, as all metallics mix well with these shades. Here are a few glasses with metallic details to help you get started…

“Christmas Pine” Hand-Painted Wine Glass

“Dripping In Silver” Hand-Painted Glass Mug

2.) Add A Candled Ambiance

No elegant dinner table is complete without candles, so bring an enchanting element to your dining experience by lighting a few. The warm, soft light of a candle makes the tablescape glow and instantly elevates the atmosphere. Here are a few of our favorites from Kristina and Daiva of Lithuania…

Hand-Painted “Merry & Bright” Candle

Hand-Painted Cardinal Candle

3.) Set Your Table With Polish Pottery

Our exclusive Polish pottery patterns will bring a cohesive theme to your table settings and guests will be delighted by the highly detailed motifs. With a wide variety of hand-painted designs ranging from cardinals and poinsettias to snowflakes and candy canes, there is a pattern for every holiday decorating style in our collection of stoneware from Boleslawiec and Brzeg. Here is a peek at some of our latest patterns for the holiday season…

“Cardinal Garden”

“Berries & Boughs”

“Snow Day”

4.) Toast With Artisan-Made Wine Glasses

Make this year’s toast extra special (and prevent confusing someone else’s drink for your own) by allowing guests to choose their own design or color for the night. Even better, mixing and matching with decorative wine glasses brings an eclectic touch to the table. Get inspired by some of our most popular wine glass designs…

Hand-Gilded Cardinal Wine Glass

Set Of 6 Bohemian Crystal Rainbow Wine Glasses

Hand-Painted Angel Wine Glass With Crystals

Set Of 6 Murano-Style “Confetti” Wine Glasses

Hand-Painted Santa Claus Wine Glass With Crystals

Hand-Gilded Angel Wine Glass

5.) Treat Your Guests To Artisanal Foods

Decor and dinnerware is pretty to look at, but what really makes a dinner party a success is the cuisine! This year, consider incorporating some gourmet imported foods into your appetizer spread. Because they pair perfectly with breads, crackers, veggies, and spreads, our Spanish sardines are a great treat to start with….

Spanish Sardines In Olive Oil

Spanish Sardines With Lemon & Sunflower Oil

Spanish Sardines With Sweet Piquillo Pepper

Caring For Your Therapeutic Mixed Metal Cuff


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Artisans in California handcraft each of our therapeutic cuffs from a combination of three solid metals: pure copper, jewelers brass (an alloy of 85% pure copper and 15% zinc) and German silver. Each cuff also contains two rare earth magnets which are thought to improve circulation, relieve arthritis pain, and promote energy. These can be found at the tips on the inner side, perfectly placed to line up with pressure points on the wrist.

Because our therapeutic cuffs are handcrafted from solid metals and are not plated, they will never chip, the colors will not fade, and any scratches can easily be polished off. Despite all of this, it is still recommended to regularly clean your cuff to avoid tarnishing.

To best care for your therapeutic cuff, you should clean it regularly by following one of these six methods:

Shower With It

  • By simply wearing your cuff during your daily shower, you can stay on top of removing any dirt, oils, lotions, or other particles that come into contact with it throughout the day and may lead to tarnishing.

Vinegar & Salt Scrub

  • Place your cuff into a bowl.
  • Pour white vinegar over your cuff and then use salt to scrub it.
  • Rinse your cuff with warm water and polish it until dry with a soft cloth.

Hot Vinegar & Salt Boil

  • Combine one tablespoon of salt and one cup of white vinegar into a cooking pot.
  • Place your cuff in the cooking pot.
  • Fill the pot with water until your cuff is completely submerged.
  • Bring the mixture to a boil and let it continue to boil until there is no longer any visible tarnish on your cuff.
  • Allow the mixture to cool.
  • Rinse your cuff with warm water and polish it until dry with a soft cloth.

Citrus & Beeswax Rub

  • Cut either a lemon or lime in half, and sprinkle salt on it.
  • Rub the salt-covered lemon or lime all over the cuff.
  • Use the rough side of a dish sponge, or a Scotch Brite pad, to remove any tarnish.
  • Polish your cuff with beeswax.

Salt, Vinegar, & Flour Paste

  • Place one tablespoon salt and one cup of white vinegar in a bowl.
  • Add little bits of flour to the mixture until it turns to a paste.
  • Rub your cuff with the paste to remove any tarnish.
  • Allow your cuff to sit with the paste on for fifteen minutes to one hour.
  • Rinse your cuff with warm water and polish it until dry with a soft cloth.

Ketchup Rub

  • Rub ketchup all over your cuff.
  • Allow your cuff to sit with the ketchup on it for fifteen minutes.
  • Use a non-scratch pad to once again rub the ketchup all over your cuff.
  • Rinse your cuff with warm water and polish it until dry with a soft cloth.

Here are a few of our favorite therapeutic mixed metal cuffs:


“Copper Creek”


“Light Sage”




“Tri-Color Braided”


“Tri-Color Wavy”

“Copper & Silver Dance”

Meet The Artisans: Andrew & Lori


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While hiking in South America’s chilly Andes Mountains, husband-and-wife architects Andrew and Lori discovered the incredibly warm yet lightweight garments that the indigenous people weave from alpaca fiber. Today, they collaborate with artisans in the Andean Quechua communities of Ecuador and Peru, creating original contemporary designs – and sustainable jobs – for the artisans who use centuries-old looms to create stylish accessories and clothing from one of nature’s most versatile and renewable materials.


Slip on our soft, warm and luxurious shawls and scarves and you’ll never want to take them off! Handmade by our artisans in the Andes Mountains, these layers are perfect for those cold winter days. They’re hypoallergenic, too!

Click here to shop all Andrew & Lori’s alpaca apparel!

September Birthstone: Sapphire

How Can I Spot It?

Traditionally, sapphire is a brilliant blue gem ranging from medium to royal blue. The more uniform the color, the higher the quality and thus the more valuable it is. Occasionally, sapphires may display a color other than blue, such as yellow, green, or violet. These are known as a “fancy sapphires.”

What Does It Symbolize?

The rich, royal blue color of many sapphires is commonly thought to symbolize just that – royalty and wealth. Like any gem, sapphire has long been thought to represent a number of other things, including innocence, truth, romantic love, and good health. Ancient Persians believed it was responsible for making the sky blue, and throughout history, it has been used in various religious ceremonies, as a source of protection against bad luck, and to decorate jewelry.

Where Is It Found?

Some of the finest and most valuable sapphire stones come from the South Asian island country of Sri Lanka. The first sapphires found in the United States were discovered in 1865 by miners in Montana.

And, of course, you can find sapphire-inspired treasures here at Uno Alla Volta! Here are a few of our favorite handcrafted pieces featuring this gem, and others inspired by its rich color:

Karen’s Sapphire Hoop Earrings

“Light My Sapphire” Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Light My Sapphire” Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Sapphire Guatemalan Seed Bead Hummingbird

Faceted Sapphire Glass Crystal Pendant Necklace

Sapphire Escape” Tunic