In Celebration of Dads Everywhere

In the handcrafted community, so many artistic traditions are passed down to children by their parents. This way, the younger generation can ensure that their ancestors’ legacies live on, and that these rich practices are not lost to the seeming convenience of manufacturing and mass production.

Today, we focus on our fathers. So many of our artisans carry on patrilineal traditions, from Alessandra and Elisabetta, your favorite handbag artisans, to the Battista family, who handcrafts our delicate glass Christmas trees. All of these artisans have made it their lives’ work to carry on the artistic methods their fathers passed down to them. Every day, with every deft movement of their hands, they honor those who came before them.

Here at Uno Alla Volta, while we may not be artisans ourselves, we still make it a priority to celebrate our fathers. We look forward to sharing our stories of love and gratitude from our team members in celebration of Father’s Day.


Terri S. Alpert, Founder & CEO


Light The Way With Our Lighthouses


Coastal lighthouses have been lighting the way and guiding mariners safely since the 1700’s. Ron, our Connecticut kaleidoscope artisan, recreates these landmarks from turned hardwood and the finest mirrored prisms. Pay homage to your favorite beaches around the country, including:

  • Cape Hatteras, NC
  • Jupiter, FL
  • Assateague, VA
  • Sankaty Head Nantucket, MA
  • Nauset, MA
  • Barnegat, NJ
  • Brant Point Nantucket, MA

Ron produces his kaleidoscopes from his studio in Connecticut, where all the woodworking is done from raw stock and includes front-surface mirrors, floral designs and other kaleidoscopes with a wide range of functions.

He is constantly broadening his product line with new, imaginative kaleidoscopes. He envisions kaleidoscopes as a link to childhood for many adults and enjoys watching the expressions on those who look through his treasures. His work has won awards from Connecticut and Florida and can be seen in many galleries and museum shops.

Find Ron’s whole collection of coastal kaleidoscopes on his artisan page.

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Father’s Day Collectibles

Father’s Day is June 18th, and we have a wonderful selection of unique and heartfelt gifts to tell the fathers in your life just how much they mean to you.

Pewter Golf Money Clip


If his passion is putting, he’ll love this solid, lead-free pewter money clip from our Nova Scotia artisans.

Patriotic Money Clip


In the shadows of the Sangre de Cristo mountains in New Mexico sits a century-old adobe ranch house where artisans handcraft gentlemen’s accessories of rare beauty like this patriotic money clip.

Woolly Mammoth Tooth Pocketknife


Created from a section of a 10,000-year-old woolly mammoth tooth discovered in Siberia, our handcrafted lock back knife features a rust-free, 3″ long blade comprised of sixteen layers of high-carbon stainless steel.

Wooden Horse Walking Stick


For over sixty years, one workshop has been turning out some of Italy’s finest walking sticks. This turned wooden shaft is topped with a wooden horse handle, each cast in oxolite, a special material used for fine wildlife sculptures.

Pewter Golf Bag Bottle Opener


Our Nova Scotia artisans craft this pewter golf bag bottle opener from solid lead-free pewter.

Pewter Anchor Bottle Opener


Each anchor bottle opener is handcrafted by our artisans in a small harbor side village in Nova Scotia. Each bottle opener, crafted of lead-free pewter, is hand-finished and polished to a gleaming luster.

Golf Inlaid Wood Keepsake Box


Our Illinois artisan handcrafts this golf inlaid wood keepsake box of American aspen. To create this box, hand colored wooden inlays are placed in this ingenious golfer design onto an easy to slide dovetail lid which reveals the inner compartment filled with 6 golf tees.

Leon Nussbaum’s Onyx and Mother-Of-Pearl Cufflinks


Leon Nussbaum, our London silversmith, creates dramatic sterling silver pieces evoking the themes of bygone eras. A devotee of both Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles, these gleaming cuff links feature onyx and mother of pearl in a stunning checkerboard pattern.

Personalized Cask & Crown Wine Barrel Serving Tray


This handsome tray is handcrafted from recycled wine barrels and can be personalized with your name. The sturdy band and handles are crafted from wrought iron.The laser-etched wording adds a nostalgic pub feel.

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Memorial Day Approaching

With Memorial Day approaching, now is a time of remembrance to reflect upon all that our veterans and active duty soldiers have done for us. We all know brave soldiers in our lives, whether they are our husbands, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sons, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, sisters or friends. Many of them share their stories with us of their duty near and far, and the reverence and respect we have for them is unwavering.

There is never enough we can do to show just how thankful we are to our troops and veterans. This year, we can show our appreciation with a display of our American pride, whether it is with an American flag glass chime we hang with respect or patriotic jewelry we wear with pride.

At Uno Alla Volta, we say you can do it all. Celebrate the veterans and troops you love with a meal filled with patriotic dishware. Our friends, Weronika and Jacek, paid tribute to our great nation with this exclusive Americana collection. In their buzzing workshop in Boleslawiec, Poland these ceramic artisans hand-paint vibrant symbols of the United States – stars, bows and heart-shaped flags – with carved sponges and fine brushwork. These are perfect for a summer barbeque, your morning coffee, or for baking a classic American apple pie.

See the whole collection here.


Wear your pride with Kim’s Millefiori Freedom Hearts jewelry collection, which includes a necklace, earrings, and a brooch. Kim, our California artisan, creates this American flag design using a millefiori caning technique. Patterns are created by layering different strips and shapes of colorful polymer clay that are then stretched and pulled into long canes. Each cane is sliced into thin cross-sections, which reveal the intricate patterns. Every millefiori clay piece showcases glass bead accents and gold-leafed edges.

Decorate your home in remembrance with an American flag glass chime. Our Indiana artisan hand-selects colorful glass to create each patriotic wind chime. Once selected, each piece is cut and fused in a kiln to remove any sharp edges, and then put through a special annealing process to ensure strength.


Garden with pride with Margaret’s patriotic watering can. In a celebration of liberty, Margaret of Virginia hand-paints each patriotic watering can in a meticulous, seven hour process. Once the design is complete, she bakes each one to ensure the decoration can withstand the elements. This beautiful piece can be used indoors or out, and is as fun and festive as it is functional.

Capturing the beauty of the USA’s red, white and blue, our  floral artisans in Baja, California handcraft this lush Americana wreath of natural celosia, ammobium, and eucalyptus arranged by hand on a heart-shaped natural twig base.

Thank you to all who have served and all who are serving in the United States military. We salute you all for protecting the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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Coastal Collectibles

Here on the shoreline of Connecticut, the temperature is rising, the sun is shining, and summer is right around the corner after a characteristically unpredictable New England winter. It’s no surprise that people along the coast are as eager as ever to start making their long-awaited trips to the beach!

Welcome in the sunshine with handmade sea-themed collectibles, perfect for the home or the beach. You don’t need to live in a beach house to feel summer in your home! Live like you’re on the beach with our beach-themed stemware, such as Amedeo’s sea life glassware of Verona. Choose from seahorses, dolphins, mermaids, turtles or anchors, and complete the collection with a coordinating vase.

Serve your favorite summer snacks on this pearlescent seahorse tray. Our artisans in the Philippines use Capiz shell, a delicate and highly iridescent shell gathered from locally harvested “Windowpane Oysters,” combined with enamel to create each decorative seahorse tray. To finish, each piece is carefully airbrushed in great detail to create the life-like aquatic animal portraits.


Pretend you’re on the beach as you sip on your morning coffee or afternoon tea with JoAnn’s sea themed mugs featuring a mermaid or the message “Life’s A Beach!” During a mid-life transition, JoAnn decided to leave her high-stress corporate job and follow a lifelong curiosity for pottery. Her risk paid off, as she soon discovered her talent for creating colorful, whimsical stoneware. Today, in her Pocono Mountains studio, she hand-throws each mug on a wheel, adds hand-cut details and a handle, then fires, glazes and fires each one again to create her customer favorite mugs.



The Lure Of The Sea

Dear friends,

The lure of the sea – what is it about the sea and all its creatures that beckons us so? I am grateful to live on Connecticut’s beautiful shoreline just a few miles from the beach. Yet I find this primal pull is shared by all – no matter how landlocked.

The sound of the waves lapping at the shore…

The feel of the sand between our toes…

These moments of inner peace.

At the earth’s edge, we gaze off into infinity. We feel our own individual significance in our connection to all the universe. Yet, simultaneously, we comprehend that we are just a single grain of sand in this vast splendor. Picking up seashells, uno alla volta,

I remain your loyal friend,


Terri S. Alpert

Founder & CEO



I find such peace when snorkeling. Join me in the waters of Hawknest Bay in St. John, USVI, as I follow one particular sea turtle, coming up to the surface for air, and then diving down again.



I hope these brief 60 seconds bring you a little bit of the serenity I experienced in the moment.

Product Feature – Sterling Silver Miniatures

Our artisans of Arezzo, Italy use an intricate process to bring these exquisite animals to life. First, they study the animals in their natural habitats, sketching out and designing the shape of each figurine, then handcraft a wax prototype with meticulous attention to detail. Once the design is complete, each figurine is cast in sterling silver and adorned with hand-painted details in colorful enamel to create realistic definition and lots of character.

Saturno Solid Silver Miniatures

Even more impressive than the impeccable form of each casting is the texture created by the rich enamels. The iridescence and striations in the colors create realistic fur, bringing these beloved animals to life with every stroke. Each miniature is so lifelike it looks as if it may begin to crawl across your palm at any moment.

Saturno Enamel Pig in Pail


Saturno Enamel Rabbit In Boot


Solid Sterling Silver Saturno Miniature Mama Cat


Saturno Small Enamel Frog


Large Lady Bug


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Celebrating Mother’s Day – Nick

Uno Alla Volta is celebrating Mother’s Day this year with stories and memories from around the office.

Mom is a strong woman, always a good soul with a forthright attitude. It’s in her nature to speak frankly and honestly without crassness or ill temper. As the child of German immigrants, she carries some of that forwardness and integrity indicative of their culture. One always knows where Mom is coming from. They can also be certain hers is a fair, objective, carefully thought out opinion. Unless it’s about tattoos. (She is not a fan!)

However, it seems also she is the one who passed much of the creative gene on to me, leading to my life as a working artist. Family vacations were documented by her adept eye. Her hand made the paintings and frames in the house. The book cabinets and other woodworks are also her creation.

She set quiet examples instead of telling me what to do. As a teen, I watched as she struggled with working a full-time job while going to college, often falling asleep on her study books. All-in-all, she is one of my inspirations of how to seek a good life.

Now, I am a blessed, lucky man. I’m surrounded by a wife is also a truly awe-inspiring supermom, a sister who makes me extremely proud with her little one, and my mother. One who I look to as a sage in much the same way same I did as the boy who looked up at her as his loving Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

-Nick, Photographer

Mom and Nick Horseback


Celebrating Mother’s Day – Carrie

Uno Alla Volta is celebrating Mother’s Day this year with stories and memories from around the office.

My mom’s grandmother came from Slovakia, and although she brought with her very little English, she did bring along an incredible pierogi recipe. This recipe has been passed down through every generation of women in my family, and although I have been enjoying these pierogis for decades, I only very recently learned how to make them myself. My mom passed the torch on to me, and I hope to keep this tradition alive in the generations of my family to come!

My Family Recipe for Slovak Pierogis


2 ½ lbs flour

1 egg

1 cup water

2 pinches salt

Mix and knead dough, then cut into circles with the lid of a cup.


2 ½ lbs potatoes to peel and boil

Mash with cheese to create a thick consistency.


Put potato filling on each circle, and pinch closed into a half-circle shape. Boil 8 minutes until they float. Let cool, then fry in butter – the most important part according to my mom! Make sure to watch the pan as the butter browns to avoid it burning.

-Carrie, Marketing & Public Relations Assistant



Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just one week away, but if you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your mother, grandmother, or any of the women in your life who carry that title, there is still time to explore your options. Uno Alla Volta has created a Mother’s Day gift guide, featuring some of our favorite treasures, to help make your shopping experience that much simpler.

“Mother’s Infinite Love” Wooden Sculpture of Bali


Master artisans in Bali, Indonesia transform natural suar wood into this gorgeous “Mother’s Infinite Love” sculpture. This beautiful sculpture is hand-carved, finished using ancient batik canting techniques in a mother and son shape, which mimics an infinity sign. Due to the handcrafted nature of this process, no two will ever be exactly alike. The perfect gift for a mother, no matter the time of year, as this piece is a special reminder of the mother-child bond.

Say “I Love You Always” with flowers that will last forever, just like the love shared between a mother and child.

These eternal flower sculptures are made of Capodimonte porcelain, the finest of Italian artistic pottery, with a history beginning in Naples in 1738. In that year, with clays of pure white color and the finest grain brought in from Calabria, artists created highly detailed objects, rivaling the best of other European courts. Almost 300 years later, our delicate Capodimonte porcelain purple orchid, made exclusively for Uno Alla Volta, is still individually handcrafted in the most meticulous detail, one at a time. See them all here.

Our Murano glass flowers will last a lifetime. For nearly 30 years, Francesco and his wife Roberta have been masterfully handcrafting delightful glass sculptures on Venice’s famed isle of Murano, such as these everlasting red roses. To create each “forever flower,” our artisans lampwork each petal, one at a time, before adding a silk stem adorned with glass leaves. Find your favorite Murano treasures here.


Remind your mother or grandmother of how special she is to you with our “Love You To The Moon” pewter desk plaque. Our artisans in a small harborside village in Nova Scotia handcraft each treasure of lead-free pewter before hand-finishing and polishing each piece to a gleaming luster. Hang the message in your home with the matching wall plaque. These artisans create these lovely “Number One” Paperweights for a mother or grandmother. Find all of their pewter treasures here.

Mother and Child Sculpture, Safe In My Arms


Our artisan, Nyoman of Bali masterfully handcrafts this mother and child sculpture of suar wood. Each sculpture is hand-carved in suar wood with graceful forms and flowing lines, capturing the intimacy of a mother’s outreached arms holding an infant who seeks her gaze. Our mother and child sculpture is handcrafted, uno alla volta, from the hearts and hands of artisans.

Hand-Sculpted “Graceful Grandmother” Figurine


Gwen of Colorado handcrafts this figurine using brilliantly colored polymer clay, which she hand-paints intricate details onto, bringing each piece to life. Each figurine depicts a grandmother reading to her adoring grandchildren, who are playfully posed on the folds of her skirt.

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