Kim’s “Pretty And Patriotic” Jewelry Collection

Memorial Day is just around the corner on May 28th! This handmade polymer clay jewelry, which is edged in rich gold leaf, will add the perfect pop of red, white, and blue to your outfit. There’s even a tie tack if you’d like to make it a “his and hers” look with the special man in your life. Want even better news? This pretty and patriotic jewelry is made one at a time in the USA by our artisan, Kim.

KKRD Hands with Canes

As a child, Kim could often be found watching her mother paint. Surrounded by art supplies and found objects, her creative passion was fueled. Today in her California studio, the joy she finds in working the vibrantly colored clay in her hands brings her delightful creations to life.


Kim’s Millefiori Freedom Hearts Tie Tack Brooch


Kim’s Millefiori Freedom Hearts Necklace


Kim’s Millefiori Freedom Hearts Earrings

All About Gemini

Ruled by Mercury, moody yet outgoing Gemini is considered to be the most fun sign in the zodiac. These outgoing individuals, who are born between May 21 and June 21, have enigmatic personalities and easily attract others into their lives. Geminis are very affectionate and sociable, as well as open-minded and fun loving. People born under this sign make great friends, and are always a joy to have around, because they are so full of surprises. For those who are born in May, their birthstone is emerald, and their flower is the lily of the valley. Geminis born in June have three birthstones: moonstone, alexandrite, and pearl, and their flower is the classic, elegant rose. We’ve compiled a selection of perfect gifts for Geminis below!


This paperweight showcases Mercury: Gemini’s ruling planet.


This classically elegant necklace celebrates May’s birth flower for all our May Geminis!


These colorful earrings feature moonstone, one of June’s birthstones, and also bear the same fun, vibrant energy Geminis often exude.


This shimmering Swarovski crystal rose brooch celebrates June’s birth flower.


Meet Mark of Hawaii

Inspired by his uncle, who was a painter, Mark began creating his own art around the age of 13. This passion stayed with him during his adult life, as he moved from New York to California and Hawaii, falling further in love with painting landscapes. To create each unique treasure, Mark reverse-paints a serene beach scene onto the back of clear glass pendant, using only his fingertips as tools. Transport yourself to sunnier days instantly with any of his (literally!) hand-painted works of art.


May Flowers

For nearly three hundred years, glorious flowers have been hand-sculpted in this small town just outside of Naples, which is called Capodimonte, or “top of the mountain.” The heirloom-quality “forever flowers” created in this centuries-old workshop are so stunning and lifelike that they appear to have been freshly picked and laid across the table. Each petal and leaf is accented with natural veins to mimic a real flower, and if you look closely enough, you may be able to spot some of the whorls of the artisan’s fingerprint: a true testament to the handcrafted process.

Uno Alla Volta invites you to join us in watching our skilled ceramists Ciro and Aniello create one singular flower.

Happy Mother’s Day

To celebrate Mother’s Day is to celebrate unconditional love. Our mothers are there for us from the moment we come into existence, bear the great pain of bringing us into the world, and then are present for all the trials and tribulations of our years of becoming. As we grow, so does their pride, even on our worst days. Every success we celebrate is theirs as well, and every bit of pain we experience also reverberates through their boundless empathy.

With our grandmothers, we celebrate the unbridled joy of being spoiled, and bask in their rich histories, which are our origin stories as well. With our stepmothers, we celebrate selflessness and the great blessings that often come from change. With our godmothers, we celebrate the human connection, and how blood is often so much thicker than water. With the women who bear our children, we celebrate the ultimate expression of human love: one so large it manifests itself into another human being.

I hope the Mother’s Day Memories my team has shared warm your heart as much as they do mine!





PS: Visit Uno Alla Volta’s Mother’s Day Shop to find the perfect gift for the mothers in your life!

Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is a commemoration of Mexico’s victory at the Battle At Puebla on May 5th, 1862 during the Franco-Mexican war. Observing this victory in the USA became a popular tradition after Teddy Roosevelt’s “Good Neighbor Policy” in 1933, which encouraged Americans to form better relationships with Mexico and other Latin American countries. Today, Americans enjoy delicious Mexican food to celebrate this day, as well as indulge in delicious margaritas.


To help you celebrate, we found these amazing recipes for margaritas, which we think would pair perfectly with this glass, which was hand-blown by our artisan Mark of New Orleans.


Are margaritas not your signature drink? No problem, Mark also designed a wine glass and a martini glass, just for you!


Celebrating Mother’s Day


Since I started my first entrepreneurial venture, just after becoming a mother myself, my mom has always been by my side helping with the business and childcare. Today, my babies are 25 and 21, and the business has turned 24. Mom can often be found in Uno Alla Volta’s distribution center, picking your orders and preparing your products for shipment.  But that just describes the activities of her hands. She is really here with her heart and soul, letting her presence be felt in the lives of all the wonderful employees that make up a part of Uno Alla Volta’s extended family.

-Terri, Founder & CEO

Terri and Mom_N39_xx_237


I never realized how being a mother would change my life so much for the better. My mother made it seem so natural and when I had my daughter, I couldn’t imagine my life without her today. The friendship and bond that I have, and which continues to evolve, with my now adult daughter, is one of my most valued and important relationships. Watching her grow from a small child, to a teenager, graduate from college, and be off in the workforce was an amazing evolution. Today, she is off on her own, buying her first home and owning her future.  As a mother, I cannot be more proud and feel more blessed.

-Robin, President

Robin option 1

 Robin 3

Robin 2

Marissa & Lynda

I am lucky to get to spend time with my mom every day, because we both work at Uno Alla Volta. I love that she is just a few desks away from me if I need her. I never fully appreciated all of her time and care until I became a mom myself. Now that I’m pregnant with my second child, and my first girl, I hope that my daughter and I will be equally as close!

-Marissa, Merchandising Assistant

Marissa.Lynda Lu


For as long as I can remember, my mother has taught me to fight for everything I’ve ever wanted, and to never take “no” for an answer. While a juvenile understanding of this philosophy created a rather mouthy, indignant teenager, I find myself growing comfortably into a confident, tenacious, resolute woman as I tiptoe through my twenties.

I often sigh that it’s my sister whose face mirrors my mother’s and my grandmother’s, and that I will never feel the way they do when I glance at my reflection. Recently, this problem has begun to solve itself. Every time I open my mouth, my mother’s iron will and quick wit spill right out!

Growing up in a big, Italian family, food has always been central to our lives. Today, my mother and I can often be found right back in her kitchen, elbowing each other as we fight to use the stove. This is my favorite comfort food, and one thing she and I will always agree on.

Macaroni Pie

¾ of a pound of spaghetti

12 large eggs

1 cup diced ham

1 cup diced pepperoni

¼ cup grated parmesan or Romano cheese

1 8 ounce bag of shredded mozzarella cheese

½ teaspoon ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 375ºF. Cook the spaghetti according to the package instructions. While it’s boiling, beat the dozen eggs in a very large mixing bowl. Next, add in the meats, cheeses, and black pepper. When the spaghetti is cooked, rinse it quickly under cold water before adding it to the egg mixture and stirring to fully combine. Add the mixture to a buttered 9.5 x 11 baking pan, and bake uncovered for 30-45 minutes, until egg is fully set all the way through.

-Anna, Associate Marketing Manager- Content



Mom is a strong woman, always a good soul with a forthright attitude. It’s in her nature to speak frankly and honestly without crassness or ill temper. As the child of German immigrants, she carries some of that forwardness and integrity indicative of their culture. One always knows where Mom is coming from. They can also be certain hers is a fair, objective, carefully thought out opinion. Unless it’s about tattoos. (She is not a fan!)

However, it seems also she is the one who passed much of the creative gene on to me, leading to my life as a working artist. Family vacations were documented by her adept eye. Her hand made the paintings and frames in the house. The book cabinets and other woodworks are also her creation.

She set quiet examples instead of telling me what to do. As a teen, I watched as she struggled with working a full-time job while going to college, often falling asleep on her study books. All-in-all, she is one of my inspirations of how to seek a good life.

Now, I am a blessed, lucky man. I’m surrounded by a wife is also a truly awe-inspiring supermom, a sister who makes me extremely proud with her little one, and my mother. One who I look to as a sage in much the same way same I did as the boy who looked up at her as his loving Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

-Nick, Photographer

Mom and Nick Horseback


Just In From Florence: Four Corner Minis


These four-corner mini bags are all the rage in fashion-forward Florence! Constructed of colorful, sumptuous Florentine suede in a unique shape, they are the perfect size to carry a few key items. Lisa, our merchant in Italy, loves to use hers to carry her eyeglasses, wallet, lipstick, and phone for a quick trip to the marketplace. These are perfect for an afternoon at the country club or to carry a few things to an appointment. They would also make an adorable gift for a daughter or granddaughter to match mom or grandma’s larger suede bucket bag!

Vendor image 2

Our artisans were so excited to model their handiwork for us. You can shop all of Alessandra and Elisabetta’s Florentine suede and leather handbags here!


The History Of Arbor Day

From the Latin for “tree,” Arbor Day is the time to honor the strength and life-giving properties of these beautiful gifts from nature. While Arbor Day has increased in exposure and popularity over the last few decades, the first Arbor Day was actually celebrated in 1872 in Nebraska. On that day, approximately one million trees were planted, kick-starting a beautiful tradition of giving back to the earth.

Not only do trees give us the oxygen we need to breathe, they are often associated with warm memories. Whether they bear us fruit, brighten up our homes during Christmas time, or held our favorite swings as a child, these majestic plants deserve to be honored. We’ve hand-selected some tree-themed treasures to really get you in the spirit!

If you want to learn more about this holiday and what you can do to help keep our earth green and prosperous, please visit the Arbor Day Foundation’s website here.



Add this tree of life paperweight to your desk as a year-round reminder of the beauty of Mother Nature.


This tree of life pendant necklace will silently express your gratitude for trees.

Getting To Know Taurus

As an Earth sign, those born under the sign Taurus (April 20- May 20) are known to be very down to Earth and reliable. These individuals are practical and responsible, but their ruling planet, Venus, adds a rosy, romantic side to an otherwise serious side. With a deep appreciation for the finer things in life, Tauruses often love music, gardening, and beautiful garments.


This paperweight represents Venus, Taurus’s ruling planet.


These cheerful magnets celebrate the joy of music, one of Taurus’s greatest pleasures!


These hand-gilded wine glasses feature beautiful flowers that also happen to be April’s flower of the month.