5 Fashionable Winter Blue Hues

Shades of blue generally evoke a cool feeling, which best represents the winter season; however, some shades are warm-toned with hints of grey or yellow. This color palette is identified with having the ability to soothe. Adding different soothing hues of blue to your outfit will give off a relaxed look. Bring the simple beauty of “blue hues” to your style by adding this calming and peaceful color palette to your wardrobe.

Elizabeths White And Blue Silk Kimono


Throw on a kimono for a stylish look. You can wear it over a basic dress or wear it with jeans and high heels. You can also dress it down by throwing on a pair of sneakers for a causal, more relaxed look. This striking kimono, which is handmade of silk and viscose, has a pop of royal blue with blue tassels giving off a bohemian flair and ambiance.

Blue Weave Printed Florentine Suede Bucket Bag


Add a great deal of pop with a hint of shimmer to your outfit this winter to eradicate those winter blues. By accessorizing your outfit with a bag that has an appealing shape, you will have all eyes on you. The blue pattern makes this bucket bag unique and the tassel gives off an effortless ambiance.

Light Blue Hand Marbled Florentine Leather Lipstick Case


Store your favorite lipstick fashionably in a work of art by our Italian leather craftsmen. The gorgeous light blue color and marbled interior of this lipstick case are truly unique. Featuring an interior mirror, this small case makes it easy and convenient to apply your lipstick with precision.

Blue Alpaca Ruana Shawl


Scarves are a necessity for the winter season and what better color to toss around your neck than a luxurious blue. This shade of blue will flatter most skin tones. The material of this alpaca scarf will keep you warm and cozy while making you look fashionable. Its shiny appearance will add an elegant touch to any outfit you wear.

The Nani Cobalt Blue Feather Felt Fedora


A fedora adds a timeless look to your outfit. This cobalt blue is a beautiful vibrant shade of blue and it will look elegant paired with a black peacoat. It is adorned with a black grosgrain ribbon and fancy feathers in colors such as cobalt blue, brown, and black.


4 Ways to Say I Love You

Do you want to make someone’s heart feel warm and blissful? Communicating your feelings to someone keeps a bond strong and long-lasting. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, everyone wants to express how much they love a special someone whether it is their mom, dad, sibling, or friend. This year, get creative with how to say, “I love you” without using those three beautiful words by giving them a gift that says it all!

Pewter I Love You Hand Figurine

bsspec288This gleaming pewter hand figurine expresses love in American Sign Language. It is a great way to remind a loved one of how much you love them. It can be placed on their office desk, or even on a shelf in their room. No matter where it goes, this figurine will have a special place in someone’s heart.

Love You To The Moon Ceramic Mug


Do you know a coffee lover? A pottery mug with a sweet message, “I Love You to the Moon and Back” will make anyone smile with joy. The details of the moon will leave them feeling delighted because it signifies exactly what the message is expressing.

Handcrafted Pewter Love Magnets


Magnets are great because they are enjoyable and functional accessories. You can put them on any magnetic surface, such as the fridge or an office board. These love magnets are a great way to express how you feel which makes them a truly special gift.

I Love You Heart Box


A storage box with a special engraved message makes this an ideal treasure. This functional wood box created from cherry and sapele wood will make your loved one smile every time they open it. It can be used to store jewelry or sentimental notes.



5 Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a day to honor romance and friendships, and the gifts we give are those special gifts that can make a loved one smile with joy. Handmade gifts are the perfect way to express your love to that special someone whether they are near or afar, because of how unique these treasures are. Everything from hearts and roses, to pops of red and pink represent this beautiful day. If you are wondering about a unique gift idea to celebrate friendship and love this year, we present you with 5 handmade Valentine’s Day gifts that everyone will adore.

Pewter XOXO Magnets


Do you know a special someone who likes to hold precious photos on their fridge or in their office space? Handcrafted from hand-cast, lead-free pewter, these pewter magnets will look adorable displayed in a place where you will walk by and see them every day.

Murano Glass Red Rose


Red roses are a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but unlike real roses, this Murano glass red rose is everlasting which makes it truly special. Each glass petal is lampworked one at time using the techniques of mouth-blowing and hand-shaping. Colored pieces of molten glass are added to obtain vibrant colors, creating a lovely sculpture to be treasured for a lifetime.

Heart Charm Bracelet


A bracelet that includes heart-shaped beads will make a sweet gift. This charming bracelet is adorned with lampworked beads in different shades of pink with pops of silver, signifying a loving theme.

Hand-Gilded Hearts Wine Glass


Do you know a special someone who is a wine enthusiast? Let them celebrate this occasion by giving them a beautiful wine glass that symbolizes love. This wine glass is decorated with stucco hearts, and then hand-painted with a layer of red and gold leaf.

Stoneware Lips Mug


Can mugs get any cuter than this? This adorable handmade mug is hand-thrown and then formed into a delightful design. After this process, it is high-fired and dipped in a formulated glaze to obtain its vibrant colors.




5 Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

Fireplace mantels are a striking focal point in any room. There are many creative decorating ideas for this specific area depending on your personal style. Of course, you want your mantel to be styled to perfection. If you are looking for decor inspiration then you came to the right place! Here are 5 decorating ideas for your fireplace mantel.

Capodimonte Flowers


Featuring flowers on your mantel will surely give off a warm look during the cold winter months. Capodimonte flowers are as delicate as they are stunning. Placing these porcelain flowers on your mantel will add an elegant Italian touch.

Millefiori vases


A Millefiori vase will make a great accent piece to your space. You can fill it with flowers, leave it as is, place it in the center of your mantel, or off to the side. No matter which way you choose to display your Millefiori vase, the colorful patterns will create an aesthetically pleasing display.

Wooden Figurines


Do you love the equestrian sport? Placing a horse figurine on your mantel will create a stylish western theme. It is a great décor piece for horse riders and lovers. This beautifully carved figurine will add instant beauty on your fireplace mantel.



Displaying candlesticks on your mantel will add a magical ambiance to your home. You can add a couple or multiple candlesticks for a classic and warm touch. These gold and white swirl patterned glass candlesticks are iridescent and hand-blown.



With the many designs out there, a kaleidoscope is a captivating piece to add to your mantel. Not only will this peacock kaleidoscope look magnificent on your mantel, but it also revolves to the tune of a song for our artisan, Massimo’s 10th year of partnership with Uno Alla Volta. The details of this piece are exquisite and classical.


5 Unique Treasures for Your Desk

Whether you work at a corporate office or at home, you can add a little inspiration or pizzazz to create an inviting workspace. Making your space into your own personal style can make you feel productive, organized, and enthused. Therefore, we present to you 5 beautiful treasures for your desk.



Eye-catching paperweights will liven up your desk space and make your entire space look neat by keeping papers organized. Containing dichroic glass, this full moon glass paperweight captures the detail and mystery of a naturally stirring occurrence.

Inspirational Plaque


An inspirational plaque will give you the courage to pursue your dreams. It will guide you to create the right path you need to take for success. This reversible pewter plaque is a perfect accessory to have on your desk to bring out the optimist in you.

Letter Holder


Do you find yourself spending too much time scouring for important documents? If so, an organized desk will truly boost your productivity. To achieve a tidy look, a letter holder will keep your letters organized and help you focus on your day-to-day tasks. Polish pottery artisans handcraft this sunflower letter and napkin holder from local clay and each one is fired for immense durability.

Scented Wax Vessel


What is better than a non-burning scented candle? A decorative fragrance vessel will not only freshen up your space and add a pleasing aroma to your desk, but transform your mood and improve your productivity! Embedded with natural essences and silk botanicals, this wax pottery vessel releases a soft floral scent that can help redefine the way you handle your daily tasks.

Trinket Dish


Are you looking for the ultimate organization treasure for your desk? A trinket dish is decorative yet functional. It is the perfect piece to hold paperclips and binder clips. This beautiful trinket dish is handcrafted using glass, faux gold leaf, and 18-karat gold paint.


5 Chic Hats For Women

Centuries ago, hats symbolized social status and wealth. Throughout the years, women’s hats have taken many forms that vary in shape and size, as they are one of the best accessories to change up your look. Materials such as feathers, flowers, lace, and bows are affixed on hats to give off a luxurious touch. Since there are so many different types of stylish hats, we share with you 5 chic hats for women everywhere.

The Floppy Hat


This red wool floppy hat is adorned with a black silk band and flowers. A wool hat is the perfect accessory for the fall and winter season because it adds warmth and style. A floppy hat itself can definitely dress up a casual outfit, and the color of this particular hat gives off a bold statement.

The Fedora


Hand-pressed and shaped out of felt, this cobalt blue fedora has a wide brim with an indented crown. Although the shape of this hat is considered masculine, the feather accent adds a feminine touch! This stylish hat is finished with a grosgrain ribbon for embellishment.

The Cloche


Featuring a style from the roaring 1920s, this cloche hat is a vintage fashion piece. It’s adorned with a black velvet band and a vintage silver pin, making it an exquisite accessory to flaunt your style.

The Beanie


Beanies are a great way to stay warm and stay in style; you can wear them dressed up or dressed down. The chunky wool used to handcraft this beanie is also the perfect material for winter. This type of hat gives off an effortlessly relaxed look while adding a touch of elegance.

The Derby Hat


Straw, wide-brimmed hats are the most exciting accessories in fashion. This functional yet fashionable hat protects you from UV rays while giving off a sophisticated look. This sun hat is designed from natural fiber and adorned with a big white bow for glamour.

The History & Types of Garnet Gemstone

Garnet is the official birthstone for January. Its name is derived from the Latin word for Garanatus, which means seed-like, as it is similar to a pomegranate seed in both size and color. This gemstone symbolizes health, prosperity, and regeneration, all of which are in our hopes when starting a fresh New Year. Although it is available in many colors, deep red happens to be the most common color of garnet. With countless years of history behind it, we decided to dig a little deeper and explore the origin and types of garnet!

KJKGNTC002Garnet Triple Strand Burgundy Necklace


Patrice’s Garnet Drop Earrings


During the Bronze Age, Egyptians would use garnet as an embellishment in their jewelry and carvings because it symbolized life.  In time, it also became very popular among the Romans and Ancient Greeks. Warriors during the Crusades used garnets as a lucky charm when going into battle because they believed it had healing powers.

Back in the biblical period, it is believed that a garnet stone led Noah’s Ark through the darkness and into the light. Today, people adore garnet mostly because of what it represents, and use it in jewelry, prayer beads, and the realm of spiritual healing.


There are different types of garnet gemstones depending on their chemical composition. Due to the difference of their chemical composition, each gemstone will differ in color. The following are the types of garnet:


Most common form of the gemstone and its color is black and red.


Always displays a dark, blood red color, which makes it an attractive gemstone.


Forms a mandarin orange to a red orange color.


Forms a brown, orange, green, yellow-green, and grey color.


Not as well known as other garnets, however it forms a black, grey, green, yellow, red, pink, brown, and orange color.


Considered a rare type; it forms a consistently emerald green color.


3 Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Pieces That Will Add Elegance To Your Attire

Freshwater pearls are cultured gems; they are created unnaturally using freshwater mussels. Since precious pearls have been desired for many centuries, freshwater pearls were produced to achieve that life-like look. These beauties can be combined with other materials such as sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, Roman glass, or marcasite for a timeless look. Since we love these gems so much, we present you 3 freshwater pearl jewelry pieces that will add elegance to your attire.

Avi’s Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Earrings With Freshwater Pearls


The combination of freshwater pearls and sterling silver gives off a classical and modern look. The texture of the gold-plated sterling silver reflects our artisan Avi’s eye-catching works. The simplicity of these dangling earrings is an epitome of style making these the perfect pair.

Freshwater Pearl And Crystal Tassel Necklace


The freshwater pearls and crystal tassels are perfectly combined to create this elegant look. Designed by our artisan, Sheri of Texas, each piece is finished with shimmering crystals at the end and throughout the long necklace to give off a pop of color.

Sterling Silver And Roman Glass Necklace With Freshwater Pearl


The Roman glass with freshwater pearl is a very unique piece. Each necklace is handmade from ancient glass by Luli of Israel. The freshwater pearl gives off a classic touch while holding on to that glistening iridescence look that is present in Roman glass jewelry.

How To Decorate Your Home This Christmas

Christmas is one of the most special times of the year and updating your interior is the first step to add some holiday spirit into your home. There are many ways to decorate for Christmas, from garlands to Christmas lights in pops of colors such as red, green, gold, and silver to spread the joy of the season. If you are looking for ways to get your home into the holiday spirit, we present you 5 exquisite ways to decorate your home for Christmas:

Red Floral Hand Beaded Venetian Glass Wreath


While wreaths are usually displayed on the front door, this particular floral wreath can be used as an amazing centerpiece too. Placing the wreath around a candle or vase is a wonderful way to greet your guests at the dining table. Each flower on this wreath is individually hand-beaded onto flexible wire and then shaped into a circular form.

Silent Night Hand Blown Glass Christmas Tree


This hand-blown Christmas tree will turn your home into a holiday masterpiece. This elegant tree is made of borosilicate glass and the glittering ornaments add an enormous pizzazz. Whether this glass tree is placed on your entry table or mantel, all your guests will take notice of this spectacular piece.

Red And Gold Venetian Glass Candlesticks


Candlesticks make a great decorating piece during the holidays. You can place two matching candlesticks on each end of the mantel to create a beautiful, traditional setting or place the candlesticks on the dining table to create a warm ambiance and elegant touch.

Polish Pottery House Candle Luminary


Luminaries are a beautiful way to decorate your home with a peaceful glow and ambiance. This Polish pottery luminary can be placed on your windowsill or mantel for a cheerful gaze during the holiday season.

Screen Wire Angel Figurine


Angel symbolism evokes the true spirit of Christmas since angel tree toppers are traditionally the finishing touch to a Christmas tree. This angel figurine is an ideal treasure for any time of year. Each one is hand-shaped from gold and silver wire by our Missouri artisan, one at a time.


How To Wear Whites This Winter

Winter is quickly approaching here in New England. The days are getting much colder, darker, and gloomier. What a perfect time to pull out your cozy coats, chunky sweaters, wool scarves, and snow boots!

You may know of the old fashion rule, no white after Labor Day! But, now in 2018 it is completely appropriate and fashionable to wear whites all year long. This clean and neutral palette is perfect to coordinate with any look while there is nothing more refreshing than a crisp white accessory to add a pop to your winter outfits. To help you get inspired, we are presenting you with four ways to wear white this winter.

White Feather Hat


The extreme cold might make you wonder how you can look cozy yet cute at the same time. A supple and warm wool cloche makes the perfect accessory for the winter months. This stylish white hat features a fun, crystal-embellished feather adornment that will have people stopping to take notice.

Carole’s ”Fiorela” White Cloche with Grey Flower Shop Now »

White Italian Handbag


Accessorize your look with an elegant white handbag. This white Florentine leather tote is the perfect bag for any season and can easily transition from day to night. Pair this bag with an all black outfit for a chic look, or wear this bag with a bold and colorful outfit to add a subtle accessory.

White Florentine Leather Tote Shop Now »

White Sequined Scarf


Add a little glam to any outfit with a scarf – one of the best accessories to throw on for a little pizzazz! This long sheer white scarf is finished with shimmering silver beads and sequins. It will have you looking très chic, even when you are bundled up to stay warm.

Elizabeth’s Sequined Skinny Scarf Shop Now »

Looking for different ways to wear your favorite scarf? Check out our post here: https://artisanmoments.com/2018/10/15/4-ways-to-wear-your-favorite-scarf/

White Murano Glass Torsade


Stand out with a chunky beaded necklace! A white statement necklace like this one will compliment any outfit. You can wear this dressed up or down and look amazing either way. These long, luxurious strands are gently twisted together for a beautiful and elegant touch.

White Murano Glass Torsade Necklace Shop Now »