The Joy Of Discovery

I have been a member of the handcraft community for nearly two decades now.

Yet it is still a thrill to discover a new artisan and to get to know the person who pours her heart and soul into each work of her hands.

Allow me to share this joy with you. 

CynthiaCynthia of California, a master of many media, is inspired by all kinds of trees. While discovering our newest treasures, you will find her tree sculpture, hand twisted from fine copper wire. In addition, you’ll find another beautiful tree from Cynthia rendered in fused glass.



Lorena of Murano, an old friend, has a beautiful eye for color, and loves working beside her mother and sister, keeping alive the traditions of their ancestors, bringing beautiful murano glass and crystal beads together in her latest stretch bracelet design.

AnnAnnee of Appalachia, loves bringing together textures and colors when she designs jewelry, but what she loves the most is being blessed with the opportunity to create purposeful,
meaningful work for herself and the five young women she employs.

Thank you for allowing our artisans to touch your lives.


Terri Alpert, CEO of Uno Alla Volta

Terri S. Alpert
Founder & CEO

Growing Toward The Sun

Walk into a field of sunflowers. Okay. Now frown. Yes, I am serious. I dare you.
What do you mean you can’t do it? I know. I know. I can’t either. No matter what’s going on in the world around me, no matter what I may be facing in my life at the moment, bring me to that field (or even a tiny patch of sunfl owers next to a decaying urban parking lot) and my brain is flooded with happy chemicals.
What is it about these beauties? They are anything but delicate. Meaty. Strong. Nurturing (providing essential nutritional and medicinal qualities throughout most known cultures and times). As they drink in the sun’s rays, they climb and they climb.
Have you noticed that no matter how big and how tall any individual sunfl ower grows, she never blocks the sun from reaching her brothers and sisters? Rather, she seems to inspire them to be the best they can be. Shhh…. I think I hear her.
Smile with me.
Grow with me.
And, pass the message along.


Terri S. Alpert
Founder & CEO


Dad, Thank You for Believing in Me


Terri’s Letter for Father’s Day

Thank you for supporting me.

Thank you for being there for my husband and my children, always.

Thank you for being a sounding board, and for biting your tongue when I know you really want to say “I told you so”.

Thank you for giving me life and never letting me take it for granted.

And thank you for teaching me the importance of family and keeping family together!



Terri and her father through the years.

Terri S. Alpert, Founder & CEO



An Uno Alla Volta Inside Look: Best Friends Day

MM1Being an employee at Uno Alla Volta is more than a standard 9 to 5 desk job.  Our una grande famiglia spans across the entire company, artisans, customers and our employees. Our product developers, Minetta and Marina are the perfect example of co-workers turned family.

Back in 2011, Marina came on board to Uno Alla Volta working as an intern for our product development team. “After talking to Marina and watching her work, I took her under my wing” Minetta says, smiling while reminiscing on how they met.  While teaching Marina the ropes, the two prospered, producing not only a strong co-working dynamic, but two very best friends.

Today, Marina is our primary accessories product developer while Minetta hones in oMM2n jewelry, resulting in a team that puts a fun twist on executing the task at hand. The two combine their unique sense of styles in order to bring a variety to our consumer base, like our Sparkling Teal Bucket Bag designed by both with influences from Minetta’s style which includes bright, bold and shimmering colors. When the two partner to develop jewelry pieces inspired by Marina’s sense of style it’s almost the complete opposite, as they incorporate neutral and earthy tones. Despite their differences in style, the two always keep communication fluid, resulting in great teamwork.

MM3With such a strong mutual understanding of each other, Minetta and Marina have travelled together on several product-development trips, from Italy to Las Vegas, meeting a variety of artisans and building close relationships with them while strengthening their own friendships. Together they work efficiently and diligently with laughter and smiles on their faces, to ensure our customers’ fashion updates span across a series of styles.

How many companies can say that they have two co-workers who not only like each other but love each other like best friends? Uno Alla Volta sure can!


Uno Alla Volta wishes you a happy Best Friend’s day, may it be well spent with you and your closest friends!

The Lure Of The Sea

Dear Friends:

The lure of the sea –what is it about the sea and all its creatures that beckons us so?

I am grateful to live on Connecticut’s beautiful shoreline just a few miles from the beach. Yet I find this primal pull is shared by all – no matter how landlocked.

The sound of the waves lapping at the shore …

The feel of the sand between our toes…

Those moments of inner peace. At the earth’s edge, we gaze off into infinity. We feel our own individual significance in our connection to all the universe.
Yet, simultaneously, we comprehend that we are just a single grain of sand in this vast splendor.
TerriSummerDrop2.jpgPicking up seashells, uno alla volta,
I remain your loyal friend,

Terri S. Alpert
Founder & CEO


Retired Marine Upcycles Airplanes into Jewelry: A Legacy In The Making

Fashion Takes Flight

In honor of National Armed Forces day, we’re taking a closer look at one of our new Jerry Moran Bio Imageartisans, Jerry.  It’s not every day that you come across a retired marine who’s evolved from a career working on aircraft into making and selling jewelry, which is why we just had to know more!

After high school graduation, Jerry’s family didn’t have the ability to finance a college education, and after weighing out his options, Jerry knew serving his country was the best option. Coming from a long line of family in the armed forces, his grandfather in the Army air corps, his father a sailor and Uncles who were also in the Army, Jerry found his place in the Marines.

Throughout his years of service, he acquired skills that have helped his business blossom Jerry Moran Bio Image 2into what it is today. These include treating people respectfully and professionally, knowing how to speak directly to get your point across firmly and clearly, as well as knowing how to finish a task on time.

With all these skills acquired along with his airplane refurbishing skills, Jerry did manage to have a little fun. When we asked what his favorite memory of being in the service was, he responded “Oddly enough, I was a part of the base rugby team and spent a lot of weekends traveling, playing rugby, and representing the base and the Marine Corps. Our team was a very tightly knit  bunch, a band of brothers if you will, already tied together being Marines but solidified through rugby.

It’s amazing to think that Jerry has now founded a career in handcrafting upcycled jewelry. Jerry of Colorado started making jewelry as a pastime, using refurbished aircraft  parts to adorn his wife with customized jewelry. It wasn’t long before Jerry’s sense of fashion took flight; friends and other jewelers were asking his wife where she got her fabulous pieces.

We want to thank Jerry for all that he’s done from creating jewelry to servicing our country. Uno Alla Volta wishes all of those who’ve serviced or are currently servicing a happy Armed Forces day; we cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done for our country.

An Artisan Mother’s Day

Mother’s are the foundation of all life and their unconditional love is what shapes the mold into the person one becomes. In honor of Mom’s everywhere, Uno Alla Volta shares with you the stories of artisans who have held their mothers close, shaping them into the dream-fulfilling artists they have become.

Italy 2016 391

Jewelry Buyer, Minetta and Lorena in Murano, Italy

Lorena of Murano has literally had the torch passed down throughout generations of mothers to share the secrets and mastered skill of lampworking. Today, Lorena works alongside her mother enduring a beautiful family tradition that has become a life-fulfilling passion.




CEO Terri and Giulio in Venice, Italy



Artisan Giulio and his sister, Roberta grew up in Venice, under the watchful eye of their grandmother. From cooking in the kitchen, to lampworking she made sure all Italian traditions were taught to her grandchildren. Several years later, Giulio has created an artistry business in lampworking. Having never forgotten his grandmother and all that she taught him, he honors their relationship often when creating  venetian jewelry using vintage beads originally lampworked by his Nonna.




Artisans and sisters, Judy and Lynn

Judy & Lynn of Philadelphia are two sisters that grew up in a household where fun meant making paper dolls or painting. Their artistic encouraging mother was involved in almost every project, teaching them to hone in on their creative ideas and projects. This mother-daughter relationship founded on artistic creativity is the reason why the two have launched into the business of handcrafting ornaments!


Artisan, Kim and her millefiori cats




Growing up watching her mother paint, Kim was immersed in the world of art right from the beginning. Watching her mother paint and growing a relationship founded on creativity and artistic views, her passion was fueled. As her relationship with her mother grew so did her artistic skill, launching her into a life-fulfilling business.




Uno Alla Volta wishes mothers everywhere a happy Mother’s Day. May your time be well spent with the ones you love.


Celebrating Liberty


What is liberty if not the freedom to reach for the best within each of us?
What greater blessing can there be in life than appreciating the privilege to assist in some small way in creating the opportunities for others to become the best they can be?

We have such deep respect for each of the artisans with whom we collaborate. It is such an honor to facilitate their work.

Uno Alla Volta celebrates the “little guy” (or more often “little gal”). So many of our artisans are right here in the U.S. of A. Every day, they are finding fulfillment and sustenance with the work of their hands.
Know that you, my friends, are bringing about these blessings, one purchase at a time.

Terri HeadshotN66


Terri S. Alpert, Founder & CEO


Mexican Opal for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco-de-Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France during the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican war.  Mexican-Opal2Uno Alla Volta honors this holiday, reveling in all of Mexico’s beauty and wonder with our Mexican opal.

Opal is a naturally formed element and the most familiar opal is known for its play-on-colors shimmering with different hues and iridescence. However Mexican Opal, also known as fire opal, isn’t known so much for its iridescent play on color but its deep and rich colors.Mexican Opal

Opal forms through an interaction between water and soil, the color is affected for fire opal based on the soil’s different properties. Formed in the rich redness of Mexican soil, fire or Mexican opal translates its country’s colors with the deep red hue that we see i
n the soil, opal and even in Mexico’s flag.Mexican-Opal5

Historically, the Aztec Indians of Mexico were among the first to know of this fiery gem. Eventually there came a time when knowledge spread about this gemstone, and was passed down throughout generations in Mexico, in true Uno Alla Volta fashion.

Leon-ari-NormanFor Americans across the country, Cinco de
Mayo traditions include street festivals, parades, and mariachi music. In true American spirit, Uno Alla Volta crosses cultures, as our London jeweler, Leon Nussbaum, takes this gorgeous Mexican opal and transforms it into this stunning collection.

In Celebration Of Moms Everywhere

A Letter From Terri Honoring Mother’s Day

“Oh Mom!” the teenage me would say and roll her eyes. And, Mom would say to me, “I will get my revenge one day when you have teenage daughters.”

And, now my daughters are fully grown, one launched in the publishing biz (children and young adult fiction) and one in college, and I have to say if this is revenge, my does it taste sweet!

I don’t think I ever properly appreciated my Mom until I became a mother myself. The reason I could roll my eyes all those years ago (and still do today) is because the relationship we have with our mothers is among the most nurturing of all human connections. It is safe to be the most obnoxious version of ourselves because when we are at our best, our Moms ooze pride from every pore.

Mom, I love you to the moon and back!



Terri S. Alpert

Founder & CEO



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