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Marge, my mother, preparing your orders for shipment.

It was about this time, four years ago, that I first started revealing personal elements of my life to all of you.

I have to tell you, I felt more than a little naked, more than a little vulnerable sharing something as intimate as my relationship with my Mom, her support of me in this business, and my support of her battle with breast cancer at that time.

Yet, from this sharing have come some incredible connections. I thank all of you for asking how Mom is doing. She is a winner, and has been cancer-free for more than three years now.

You know that I believe our artisans infuse a bit of their spirit in each work of their hands. Well, know that when you receive a package from Uno Alla Volta, there just may be a bit of Mom’s soul in there, too. For 21 years, she has been a member of our team. A great many of our products are handpicked from our warehouse shelves by Mom, before being wrapped by equally dedicated women and sent on their way to you.