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I’m so proud of my two daughters!

It is graduation time! In my home, we are celebrating two major milestones. Sarah, my older daughter, is completing college and, not without trepidation, entering the “real world.” Rachel, my baby, is graduating from high school and is off to college. “How do I feel?” is the question everyone keeps asking me. Of course, my first thoughts are like those of most every other parent. “Wow, that went quickly,” followed by “I am old.” But most of all, I am proud – immensely proud. Here are two pretty amazing human beings. I know each will leave her own indelible mark on this world. I marvel at how different each is from the other.  And, I marvel at how tight the two sisters are, forever bonded to one another and to my husband and me. Individuality and connection are common themes you’ve heard me speak about many times when describing our work here at Uno Alla Volta. In my own life, I am delighted to have instilled in each daughter the importance of connectedness, but always in a way that recognizes and perhaps enhances her own individuality.   Terri