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From one of our valued customers:

I have received UnaAllaVolta catalog for a number of years and thought it unique and interesting.

I wanted to get a special “Sweet Sixteen” Birthday gift for someone whose family heritage is from Italy although she has never visited there.   I happened to see the Rose Petal Murano glass necklace and earring set.  It was “Just the Perfect Thing” for her!  The perfect balance between delicate youthfulness and beauty and an artisan culture unique to her family heritage she could be proud to wear for the rest of her life!

I was impressed by the Murano glass fish. The fullness of the colors and the uniqueness of the idea make this item one of a kind!  A school of tropical fish now reside on the edge of my bath space!  And I picture the glass blower in his art creating each piece with his unique skill and imagination and feeling a pride in his work and I feel so good about supporting that.

I love your recent Sunflower Ceramic Bowl and Pitcher and Trivet!  The care taken in its hand painting makes these items so valuable and not to be had otherwise.

I am into BEES…my husband and I are beekeepers since 1972 and I do Honey Show Demos for stores that carry our honeys.  I wear a little “Queen Bee” outfit so when I saw your “Queen Bee Brass Bracelet”…well, I just had to have it!…in fact TWO…one for each arm!…and the earrings.  I also wear the Garden Flower necklace and Pin to complete the look!  It is just “TOO CUTE” and I have gotten so many GREAT COMPLIMENTS!

So many of the pieces have extra features that only an artisan would include, such as carvings on the backs of necklace pieces…color matching of stones…intricate designs…going beyond a simple item to create a unique piece beautified with detailing that embellishes it to be “special” and definitely noticed!

I especially love anything in which the technique is rooted in cultures and old “lost” techniques brought to new life by these people who understand how to do them!…and share them with a world accustomed to cookie cutter items made quickly but without personality behind them.

Contemplating these pieces, I always imagine the artisan in his/her work and the intensity and feeling that requires of them inspires me to value uniqueness in my own life.

I wish you much success and applaude you for YOUR uniqueness in appreciating these artisans and offering them a venue to make their wares available to people like me who truly appreciate them and are seeking items beyond the ordinary!

Thank You,


Neva J. Whetzel