Everywhere I look, trees are starting to bud. Such joy is born of the creative process. And for me, there is no greater joy than working with those far more talented than I could ever be.
Recently, I returned to Boleslawiec to join with our fabulous ceramicists to develop new collections of Polish pottery just for you.
With her son Oskar as our translator, I asked Weronika to create a very special egg with a magnificent garden of springtime flowers. The result is the magnificent painting you see gracing our cover. Though crafted of stoneware, the image is so light that you will almost see the flowers fluttering as the butterfly flaps its wings.
The next day, I tried my best to explain to Ewa why in America everyone is Irish each year on March 17th. I am not sure she understood me but boy did she create one fabulous collection for St. Patty’s Day.
It is my hope that Weronika and Ewa and all our dedicated artisans, in the United States and throughout the world, bring joy to your life. Please join us in this handcrafted celebration of Spring!
collab1Terri S. Alpert
Founder & CEO


Uno Alla Volta's CEO Terri Alpert and her sisters