“Oh, Mom!” the teenage me would say and roll her eyes. And, Mom would say to me, “I will get my revenge one day when you have teenage daughters.”
And, now my daughters are fully grown, one launched in the publishing biz (children and young adult fiction) and one in college, and I have to say if this is revenge, my does it taste sweet!
I don’t think I ever properly appreciated my Mom until I became a mother myself. The reason I could roll my eyes all those years ago (and still do today) is because the relationship we have with our mothers is among the most nurturing of all human connections. It is safe to be the most obnoxious version of ourselves because when we are at our best, our Moms ooze pride from every pore.
While my mother’s mother has not been a physical presence here on this earth since just a few years after my own birth, I do know my grandmother’s presence is with my Mom always and has helped shape her into the incredible mother she is to me and my sisters, and “Meema” to her eight grandchildren.
Mom, I love you to the moon and back!
Terri with her mother and daugthersTerri S. Alpert
Founder & CEO


Uno Alla Volta's CEO Terri Alpert and her sisters