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I recently visited my friend Amedeo at his third-generation workshop in Verona, Italy, the town of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. There he works with his two sons, Valentino and Roberto, to transform ordinary glass into luminous works of functional art. Their latest masterpiece features our artisans’ interpretation of the sea and some of the magnificent life forms it contains.

To create this spectacular sea life vase, Amedeo begins by applying his original stucco designs – including a sea turtle, fish and seahorse among various aquatic plants – onto each glass vase, uno alla volta. His sons then apply layers of glistening silver leaf and rich, colorful glazes to the designs to complete each sea life scene. Once each piece is dry, it is polished to a gleaming luster and Amedeo engraves his signature onto the bottom of the vase as his finishing touch.

Click here to see more of Amedeo’s hand-painted glassware.

Terri Alpert, CEO and Founder of Uno Alla Volta

Terri S. Alpert
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