What is it about the sea and all its creatures that beckons us so?
I am grateful to live on Connecticut’s beautiful shoreline just a few miles from the beach. Yet I find this primal pull is shared by all – no matter how landlocked.
In beautiful Verona, my dear friend Amedeo creates his own glistening interpretation of the sea and some of the magnificent life forms it contains.
I wonder if perhaps the lure of the sea isn’t part of a larger human need to journey and discover. I invite you to travel with me across an ocean to the town of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers. There, you and I will visit with Amedeo and his sons Roberto and Valentino and together we will learn the story of their lives and their art.

Click here to experience my journey to Verona, Italy.

Terri Alpert, CEO and Founder of Uno Alla Volta

Terri S. Alpert
Founder & CEO

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