Just a few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Professor Richard Krevolin (better known as “Prof K”) who is writing a book about the use of storytelling in business. “Why is storytelling so essential to Uno Alla Volta?”, he asked.

Well, YOU already know the answer! It is the human connection after all.

Our products are not from the realm of mere stuff. They are treasures, first imagined and then handcrafted by one individual soul.

It is through the telling of the story that we honor the human spirit – both in the singular (such as the spirit of Michal Golan whose creation graces our late summer 2015 cover) and in the plural, the collective spirit of us all.

Layer upon layer, each of our stories build upon one another. I would love to hear your stories to add to our rich and ever-evolving tapestry. Please add your feedback by clicking the Leave A Comment button above.

In appreciation,

Terri Alpert, CEO and Founder of Uno Alla Volta

Terri S. Alpert
Founder & CEO

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