Dear Friends:

I invite you into the handcrafted world of Uno Alla Volta. My merchants and I travel the U.S. and the world in search of artisans with whom we collaborate to create for you these very special designs, and collections – a great many of which are not available anywhere else in the world.

Talk to our artisans and you will feel their primal urge to create. They will tell you of their belief that each work of their hands has been touched by their human spirit. And, they will tell of the joy that comes from knowing that each work will be cherished by its new caretaker.

We, too, feel something soulful as we handcraft these collections and bring them to life on these pages. If we touch you, please tell us. In doing so, you bring joy to our lives.

In gratitude,

Terri Alpert, CEO of Uno Alla Volta

Terri S. Alpert
Founder & CEO

Terri's Signature