Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always been one for dreaming big. And, I rebel against labels and boxes. When I was twelve going on thirteen, nothing would bring out the fierce determination in me as much as being told that I can’t do something. The same remains true now that I’m fifty-two, going on fifty-three.

I grew up exceptionally privileged in that my parents, my grandparents, and my teachers all reinforced in me the idea that with determination and focus I could accomplish anything. As I grew older, I learned to recognize the enormous blessing which came with this mindset. And, with all blessings comes the obligation to share. And, so I’ve made it a part of my life’s work to help seed their imaginations.
On November 6th, I will be assisting artist JG Boccella with the inaugural event for his Fierce Women Project*, bringing girls in their formative years (middle and high school age) together with a wide variety of accomplished women. We “grownups” intend to be the sparks. Our goal is for each girl to begin to understand tutto è possibile!

In gratitude,

Terri Alpert, CEO of Uno Alla Volta

Terri S. Alpert
Founder & CEO

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