Our customer, Vivian wrote this particular poem with inspirations from artisan, Shelley’s “Over the Moon” necklace. We wanted to share this moment with you, because it ties together what our vision at Uno Alla Volta which is based on the human connection. We are proud to share Shelley’s art, with the art of our customer- as we have become a part of the rippling cycle of enrichment.


“I had to venture out into the night.

Dark clouds gathered, drawing the curtain

across the sky,

hiding any light.


The massive clouds released their burden of rain.

Water rose around me and wind blew the drops

mixed with hail against

the window pane.


When the storm moved on,

I made my way to the safety of home.

Arriving, I looked up to behold

a crescent moon and stars, as if painted

on the ceiling of a cathedral dome.


The magic of the moment touched my soul

with the words, “Jewels in the Storm”.

This gift in the universe covered me

with a message of love, soft and warm.


I remembered all the storms of my past;

loss, tragedy, sorrow and broken dreams.

Each storm left a jewel for me,

when the clouds made way for bright sun beams.


A new path led me the right way.

A lesson I needed to learn took form.

Heaven’s love always guides me

And gives me   JEWELS IN THE STORM.”