Whether you’re spending the night with friends, or if you do have a special someone, there are all kinds of creative and affordable dates to celebrate this holiday with! We’ve done our research and brainstormed several ways to make your Valentine’s Day for 2016 unforgettable!


  1. Breakfast in Bed. Who says you have to wait to ignite the sparks of love. Even if its just toast and coffee, you’ll score major points early by swooning her with an early birds touch of love. To elevate her surprise- serve breakfast on something as extraordinary as our one of a kind polish pottery stoneware.
  2. Plan A Picnic! Not an eskimo? Picnic doesn’t necessarily mean outside, cook something decadent for your partner, and eat on a blanket on the floor. If you’re really in the mood for Valentine’s Day you can amp up the love by adding some candles and rose petals.
  3. Decadent Wine Tasting. Nothing says romance like a fine bottle of wine. Champagne is perfect for a night in with your sweetie, but if you’re hosting a party or spending the day with the ones you love, have a BYOB party, that way its almost like a wine tasting event! Put some Valentine’s Day into this event by adding decadent appetizers, chocolate covered strawberries are always a hit (and taste delicious with champagne!) Take things up a notch, if you’re really trying to swoon your sweetheart- serve your wine or champagne in our exotic wine glasses.
  4. Surprise Her With Flowers. We don’t just mean, having them sent to work or bringing them as soon as you see her, although those ideas are great- we suggest something a little more tactic. If you have an extraordinary date planned- you can have flowers guide her to your special trip, using them as a scavenger hunt. Taking her out, and having flowers waiting where she’ll least expect them is also a turn on the classic gift of flowers. We like a little something extra with our flowers, if your love is everlasting, there’s no reason her flowers should be- surprise her with our gorgeous everlasting roses.
  5. Spark An Old Memory. Where was your first date? Remember that diner you used to go to every Friday when you were younger? Every couple has distinct routines that reignite the spark in their relationship, so make arrangements to revisit your past- and reconnect with experiences and memories. The perfect way to end a special night of reminiscing, is with a unique piece of jewelry, that she wouldn’t find anywhere else!