You have dreamed about this big special day, but when it’s finally arrived- you didn’t realize how much stress it would bring. Making that big day, unique and special can often times be difficult, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! After doing our research, we’ve found some tips and tricks, to replace the word stressful, to unforgettable.

  1. Take things, Uno Alla Volta, or one at a time. This may sound familiar, as it was in our de-stress guide to the holidays, but it applies to everyday life! Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much to do at once, make a list, and deal out the responsibilities among you, your future partner, best man and maid-of-honor (that’s what they’re there for!)
  2.  Stay Organized! Whether you’re more an archive organizer, or digital, there are plenty of ways to organize the “To-Dos” on your list! A binder is the more traditional way, but Google Docs has so many different options (and you can be sure to include others, so there’s a fluid communication between you and the wedding party!) This helps stay you prioritized, and will reduce stress, as being organized helps determine what’s left to get done.
  3. Work Together, As a Team. Wedding parties, big and small come with a plethora of different personalities. Close family and friends all may be opinionated, but remember- this day is about the two of you. Although it may seem easy to become divided, remember that a fluid communication between you and your partner- you two get a final say, and have each others back, despite the opinions of others.
  4. Let Your Creativity Flow! Quit stressing about making your wedding different, and start brainstorming- remember: there is no couple out there quite like you and your love, so it’ll be different and special no matter what! Let your creativity fly by brainstorming with your partner (this should be a fun experience for the both of you), write down any idea, big, small, silly, or over-the-top! You’re bound to spark something up that adds a touch of you to anything!
  5.  Relish Every Moment. First key to doing this is to remember,  nothing is perfect. Things don’t always go exactly the way we want them to, and that’s okay, that doesn’t decrease the value of this day. Remember what’s important, and to soak every minute of this special day, embracing the moment will make your wedding unforgettable- no matter how things play out!

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