Quebec glass artisan, Jonathan

Glass artisan, Jonathan, in his studio in Quebec

At the young age 7, Quebec artisan, Jonathan discovered his passion for glass while helping out his grandparents at their stained-glass studio in Florida. Upon turning 18, he spent 8 years training with a scientific glass blower, Rene Zenklusen, perfecting the technical and scientific art of glass blowing. The training was interrupted while he pursued his bachelor’s degree in fine arts, which he received from the University of Quebec in Montreal. In 2006 he started perfecting the skill on his own, and opened his own studio for business.

Jonathan's "Art Meets Science" Smoky Glass Bracelet

Jonathan’s “Art Meets Science” Smoky Glass Bracelet


His artistic approach aims to encapsulate the positive energy in his everyday life. For this reason he is passionate about performing live, involving others allows them to release their inner-child while enhancing his creative process. His unique artistic approach translates directly into one-of-a-kind eclectic pieces. His technique is just as innovative and diversified as his artistic approach.

Each piece is made of borosilicate (also known as Pyrex), known for its durability. The glass he uses is among the highest quality in the world, usually reserved for laboratory equipment.  This quality of glass is lightweight yet is the highest impact-resistant glass, and features a transparency comparable to that of spring water. He melts the glass rods at a temperature of 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, shaping each piece with metal clamps and graphite tools. To create the colorful designs, he uses crushed glass sticks, dusts of silver and gold, and the process of sublimation, which results in an abstract one-of-a-kind design. 

His unique, modern, exuberant styles speak to a wide audience as his jewelry is an admirable work of art; each piece is truly a handcrafted treasure.