Ever since I founded Uno Alla Volta in 2002, we have been devoted to keeping artisan traditions alive. Throughout the world, ancient crafts which have been passed generation-to-generation through the centuries are disappearing. No place is this more evident than on Venice’s lagoon isle of Murano – the world’s capital of glass-making since the thirteenth century.

During my recent visit, Nina, Lorena’s mom allowed me to watch her create beads for oneof your favorite necklaces. What skill it required and what hard work. Each bead takes a long time to produce. Nina said to me, “the young folks, they just don’t want to work this hard.” I couldn’t help but wonder what the world may be like in another decade or two without new generations picking up the torch.

My husband was with me on this particular trip and it was interesting for me to watch his reaction to these traditions and to all the beautiful glass jewels we saw in each of our artisan’s workshops. He expressed a sense of awe at all the colors and the feelings of abundance. He said to me, “Terri, your catalogs do not yet capture this essence. Your customers want to feel what I’m feeling, see what I’m seeing.”

And, so, I devote this issue to bringing to you that sense of wonder and abundance.


Terri S. Alpert

Founder & CEO