Cinco-de-Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France during the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican war.  Mexican-Opal2Uno Alla Volta honors this holiday, reveling in all of Mexico’s beauty and wonder with our Mexican opal.

Opal is a naturally formed element and the most familiar opal is known for its play-on-colors shimmering with different hues and iridescence. However Mexican Opal, also known as fire opal, isn’t known so much for its iridescent play on color but its deep and rich colors.Mexican Opal

Opal forms through an interaction between water and soil, the color is affected for fire opal based on the soil’s different properties. Formed in the rich redness of Mexican soil, fire or Mexican opal translates its country’s colors with the deep red hue that we see i
n the soil, opal and even in Mexico’s flag.Mexican-Opal5

Historically, the Aztec Indians of Mexico were among the first to know of this fiery gem. Eventually there came a time when knowledge spread about this gemstone, and was passed down throughout generations in Mexico, in true Uno Alla Volta fashion.

Leon-ari-NormanFor Americans across the country, Cinco de
Mayo traditions include street festivals, parades, and mariachi music. In true American spirit, Uno Alla Volta crosses cultures, as our London jeweler, Leon Nussbaum, takes this gorgeous Mexican opal and transforms it into this stunning collection.