Mother’s are the foundation of all life and their unconditional love is what shapes the mold into the person one becomes. In honor of Mom’s everywhere, Uno Alla Volta shares with you the stories of artisans who have held their mothers close, shaping them into the dream-fulfilling artists they have become.

Italy 2016 391

Jewelry Buyer, Minetta and Lorena in Murano, Italy

Lorena of Murano has literally had the torch passed down throughout generations of mothers to share the secrets and mastered skill of lampworking. Today, Lorena works alongside her mother enduring a beautiful family tradition that has become a life-fulfilling passion.




CEO Terri and Giulio in Venice, Italy



Artisan Giulio and his sister, Roberta grew up in Venice, under the watchful eye of their grandmother. From cooking in the kitchen, to lampworking she made sure all Italian traditions were taught to her grandchildren. Several years later, Giulio has created an artistry business in lampworking. Having never forgotten his grandmother and all that she taught him, he honors their relationship often when creating  venetian jewelry using vintage beads originally lampworked by his Nonna.




Artisans and sisters, Judy and Lynn

Judy & Lynn of Philadelphia are two sisters that grew up in a household where fun meant making paper dolls or painting. Their artistic encouraging mother was involved in almost every project, teaching them to hone in on their creative ideas and projects. This mother-daughter relationship founded on artistic creativity is the reason why the two have launched into the business of handcrafting ornaments!


Artisan, Kim and her millefiori cats




Growing up watching her mother paint, Kim was immersed in the world of art right from the beginning. Watching her mother paint and growing a relationship founded on creativity and artistic views, her passion was fueled. As her relationship with her mother grew so did her artistic skill, launching her into a life-fulfilling business.




Uno Alla Volta wishes mothers everywhere a happy Mother’s Day. May your time be well spent with the ones you love.