Fashion Takes Flight

In honor of National Armed Forces day, we’re taking a closer look at one of our new Jerry Moran Bio Imageartisans, Jerry.  It’s not every day that you come across a retired marine who’s evolved from a career working on aircraft into making and selling jewelry, which is why we just had to know more!

After high school graduation, Jerry’s family didn’t have the ability to finance a college education, and after weighing out his options, Jerry knew serving his country was the best option. Coming from a long line of family in the armed forces, his grandfather in the Army air corps, his father a sailor and Uncles who were also in the Army, Jerry found his place in the Marines.

Throughout his years of service, he acquired skills that have helped his business blossom Jerry Moran Bio Image 2into what it is today. These include treating people respectfully and professionally, knowing how to speak directly to get your point across firmly and clearly, as well as knowing how to finish a task on time.

With all these skills acquired along with his airplane refurbishing skills, Jerry did manage to have a little fun. When we asked what his favorite memory of being in the service was, he responded “Oddly enough, I was a part of the base rugby team and spent a lot of weekends traveling, playing rugby, and representing the base and the Marine Corps. Our team was a very tightly knit  bunch, a band of brothers if you will, already tied together being Marines but solidified through rugby.

It’s amazing to think that Jerry has now founded a career in handcrafting upcycled jewelry. Jerry of Colorado started making jewelry as a pastime, using refurbished aircraft  parts to adorn his wife with customized jewelry. It wasn’t long before Jerry’s sense of fashion took flight; friends and other jewelers were asking his wife where she got her fabulous pieces.

We want to thank Jerry for all that he’s done from creating jewelry to servicing our country. Uno Alla Volta wishes all of those who’ve serviced or are currently servicing a happy Armed Forces day; we cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done for our country.