MM1Being an employee at Uno Alla Volta is more than a standard 9 to 5 desk job.  Our una grande famiglia spans across the entire company, artisans, customers and our employees. Our product developers, Minetta and Marina are the perfect example of co-workers turned family.

Back in 2011, Marina came on board to Uno Alla Volta working as an intern for our product development team. “After talking to Marina and watching her work, I took her under my wing” Minetta says, smiling while reminiscing on how they met.  While teaching Marina the ropes, the two prospered, producing not only a strong co-working dynamic, but two very best friends.

Today, Marina is our primary accessories product developer while Minetta hones in oMM2n jewelry, resulting in a team that puts a fun twist on executing the task at hand. The two combine their unique sense of styles in order to bring a variety to our consumer base, like our Sparkling Teal Bucket Bag designed by both with influences from Minetta’s style which includes bright, bold and shimmering colors. When the two partner to develop jewelry pieces inspired by Marina’s sense of style it’s almost the complete opposite, as they incorporate neutral and earthy tones. Despite their differences in style, the two always keep communication fluid, resulting in great teamwork.

MM3With such a strong mutual understanding of each other, Minetta and Marina have travelled together on several product-development trips, from Italy to Las Vegas, meeting a variety of artisans and building close relationships with them while strengthening their own friendships. Together they work efficiently and diligently with laughter and smiles on their faces, to ensure our customers’ fashion updates span across a series of styles.

How many companies can say that they have two co-workers who not only like each other but love each other like best friends? Uno Alla Volta sure can!


Uno Alla Volta wishes you a happy Best Friend’s day, may it be well spent with you and your closest friends!