By Susan “Honey” Good

I’ve discovered a new website that I simply adore, and so, just in time for the holidays, I am sharing with you.

Meet unoallavolta.com, the creation of a lovely woman named Terri Alpert, who set out to curate artisan goods from around the world and make them available with the click of a mouse.

Uno Alla Volta means ‘one at a time’, and it flawlessly describes how Terri’s artisans handcraft each treasure on her site ranging from fashion accessories to jewelry to collectibles, gifts and beyond.

I love Terri’s concept, rooted in the idea that these pieces are not simply objects, they are treasures graced with the gift of human connection, from the artisan that creates each item lovingly to the recipient who wears or shares each piece with joy.

The necklace I am wearing above, like all of Terri’s offerings, has a story. Crafted from stones hand-picked from all over the world, this necklace was brought to life by a woman named Lorena, a Venetian glass jeweler. Lorena’s great-grandmother, Nina, began working with glass at the age of nine. Since then, the torch has literally been passed from mother to daughter through three generations.

The appearance of pearls is achieved by a process called lampworking. Each Murano glass “pearl” is lampworked over a small flame, one at a time, and then hand-strung into three opulent strands. This is no ordinary “pearl” necklace!

Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas from unoallavolta.com


For Him: History, woodworking and optics create a keepsake kaleidoscope in this World War I style biplane created from zebra wood, walnut, ebony, and holly wood. Get it here.


For Her: Since you know I walk on the sunny side of the street, naturally I adore this Sunflower Yellow Suede handbag. Alessandra and Elisabetta handcraft this bucket bag in Florence, Italy, one at a time. Family business owner and beloved father, Maurizio left his business in their hands after passing away. Get it here.


For Me: I love this Lapis cuff!  Karen, a Tennessee artisan, adorns a brilliant lapis stone with gold-filled wire. No two bracelets are exactly alike, and each is one of a limited edition. I just adore unique pieces like this, don’t you? Get it here.

Shop the site here: www.unoallavolta.com/honey.


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