Nothing is better than ringing in the New Year surrounded by the people you love. What better way to celebrate a new beginning than with a toast to the New Year? Raise a glass with your loved ones in style with expertly handcrafted glassware, such as our “Northern Lights” collection by our New Orleans artisan, Mark. With his forty years’ expertise, he can anticipate the glass’ response to slight changes of movement or additions of color. Using only a blowpipe and hand tools, Mark masterfully shapes layers of richly-colored glass, then uses a cold-fusion technique to create each swirled stemware piece.

Looking to try out some New Years inspired looks this season? This is the perfect time to experiment with some accessories that will add some shimmer to your look! Our Florentine artisans, Alessandra and Elisabetta, and our Venetian glass master, Giulio, design glittering handbags that can dress up any outfit.


This clutch features shimmering black leather trim and a lamp-worked zipper pull, and will add a touch of everyday sparkle to any outfit.

Florentine And Venetian Glittering Clutch


Alessandra and Elisabetta of Florence handcraft each glittering Florentine tote bag from metallic silver fabric and luxurious Italian leather.

Alessandra and Elisabetta’s Glittering Florentine Tote Bag


This clutch features shimmering black and silver fabric with Italian leather trim and a green lamp-worked zipper pull infused with silver leaf. It is sure to add a touch of everyday sparkle to any outfit.

Florentine And Venetian Glittering Clutch

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2017? Would you like to make extra time to spend with your family? Experiment with some of those new recipes you’ve been meaning to try? Travel somewhere you’ve never been before?

We have some resolutions of our own for 2017. At Uno Alla Volta, we value the importance of the human connection. This year, we would like to open up a dialogue with you about what all of our treasured customers would like to see from our collections. What are some of your favorite handmade items? What would you like to see more of? One of our resolutions is to expand our collection by working with new artisans around the world. This spring, we will take a trip to Italy to find more treasures made uno alla volta, or one at a time. We can’t wait to share this experience with you!

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2017!