During the height of La Serenissima Repubblica, when Venice ruled the world, its glass recipes and techniques were closely guarded secrets. In 1291, all of the glass artisans were ordered to move their furnaces to the small lagoon island of Murano. The stated goal was to prevent fires from spreading quickly throughout the city, but Venetian rulers were also motivated to preserve the monopoly of their province. In 1295, they issued an edict effectively imprisoning the master artisans and their offspring in this “gilded cage”.

Today, Uno Alla Volta is known for our exclusive Murano designs made in collaboration with Venice’s finest artisans: descendants of the glass workers of the Middle Ages. Their craft is intimately tied to their heritage and their sense of identity, making each piece a magnificent treasure.

On the isle of Venice, the art of lampworking lives on as our artisans Anna and Felisa create Venetian glass necklaces with elegant materials such as gold-infused crystals and jet black beads. Our artisan Giulio handcrafts each Venetian glass uno alla volta, or one at a time, such as his “Precious Love Pendant”. Each bead is skillfully shaped over a small flame, and the heart pendant is infused with silver and gold for an opulent look.

Our Venetian glass treasures are handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta, from the hearts and hands of the artisans.


Anna And Felisa’s Triple Hearts Venetian Glass Necklace


Anna and Felisa use traditional hand-beading techniques to create this necklace from delicate, gold-infused lampworked hearts and tiny black seed beads. Each necklace measures 27 inches long, with a spring ring clasp.


Anna And Felisa’s Venetian Glass Heart Earrings


These Venetian glass heart earrings are created one at a time in their studio. To create each pair, they combine gold-infused lampworked glass hearts with classic findings. Each earring measures 1.75 inches long, with a wire back.


Anna And Felisa’s Lattice Twist Venetian Glass Necklace


Two spectacular lampwork beads bring together twisted lattice, gold-infused crystal, and jet black beads in a variety of shapes. Each necklace measures approximately 23 inches long, with a spring ring clasp.


Giulio’s “Precious Love” Venetian Glass Pendant


Each bead is shaped, uno alla volta, over a small flame, and the heart pendant is infused with silver and gold for an opulent look. Each heart pendant is 2 inches long and hangs from approximately 25 inches of seed beads, with a lobster clasp for closure.


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