These beautiful Murano glass pendants give new meaning to keeping something precious close to your heart. Each of these beautiful treasures is made with love by the heart and hands of our artisan, Giulio. In his Castello studio, just a short walk from Venice’s famed St. Mark’s square, Giulio continues the lampwork tradition of his grandmother. Each of the beads in his stunning pieces is handmade, one at a time, over a small flame. Giulio was one of the first artisans to join the Uno Alla Volta family and has been creating beautiful pieces for us since 2002.

Our Murano glass heart pendants each tell their own unique story. The design of Giulio’s blue heart pendant is reminiscent of the sparkling Mediterranean sea, and much like an ocean wave, no two are exactly alike. Each purple heart pendant is hand-shaped  from Venetian glass, then suspended from strands of handmade seed beads for a boldly feminine look, reminiscent of a the swirling evening sky. His exquisite green and blue heart pendant is infused with real silver foil and suspends from strands of handmade seed beads.

There is a heart pendant for everyone in your life. Take a moment to think about your loved ones. Who do these mesmerizing glass designs remind you of? Does your friend love the beach so much you can never get her out of the ocean? Are your daughter’s eyes so beautifully blue that a sapphire pendant would complement almost any of her looks? Maybe you love the classic look of a red heart pendant with a gold chain – a look that will always remain eternally chic.

Right now, all of Giulio’s Murano glass hearts are available at a special price. Browse the collection to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, straight from the heart.



Red Heart Murano Glass Pendant Necklace



Giulio’s Blue Venetian Glass Heart Pendant



Giulio’s Purple Venetian Glass Heart Pendant


Giulio’s Green And Blue Venetian Glass Heart Pendant