There is no question that red is the color of passion. Since the Renaissance, red has represented power, prestige, and high social status. Even against an all black ensemble, a red purse, a red statement necklace, or even a bit of red lipstick will add a vibrant elegance to your outfit. There is no better time to wear red than around Valentine’s Day, when passion is all around you. This may be passion for your significant other, or the platonic love you have for your family and friends.

All of the treasures our artisans create are born from the love they have for their crafts. Some of our artisans have been in the family business for generations, keeping the torch they were passed burning brightly. Through their passion and the careful work of their hands, true artisanship is kept alive.

Show your passion with Uno Alla Volta’s Radiant Reds:


Alessandra’s And Elisabetta’s Florentine Leather Tote


Sisters Alessandra and Elisabetta work diligently in their Florence, Italy workshop to handcraft this bright and elegant leather tote. No detail is spared, from the gloriously supple red Italian-tanned leather, meticulously stitched, to the finely finished signature details.


Valentina And Alessandra’s “Venetian Valentine” Charm Bracelet


Our “Venetian Valentine” charm bracelet was masterfully handcrafted by our Venetian designers, Valentina and Alessandra. These artisans fell in love with glassmaking decades ago, and their passion has evolved into a business where they combine their knowledge and creative impulses to create unique pieces, such as this striking glass charm bracelet.

Red Italian Leather Lipstick Case


In a multi-step process, our Italian leather craftsmen start with a base of fine red Florentine leather to handcraft each lipstick case. To create the marbling effect on the interior, the leather is first dipped into a bath of colorful pigments, then stitched against red leather to form the three-dimensional shape.