The feeling of rebirth and renewal.

The newfound lightness in our steps.

Flowers will start blooming in gardens everywhere (at least everywhere in the northern hemisphere) very soon. In the meantime, they are blooming right here in these pages.

You will find the creativity of our artisans and our merchandising team just overflowing with optimism.

Nothing says spring like the vibrant, beautiful designs of our artisans, whether they are from Smadar of the Galilee, the newest jeweler to join our una grande famiglia, or my old friend Weronika, adding pieces to your beloved “Secret Garden” collection. If your Facebook likes (4,050 and counting) are any indication, this just may be your favorite pattern of all time.

With a spring in my step,


Terri S. Alpert

Founder & CEO


Weronika and me showing off our “Secret Garden” collection