For centuries, the center of Florence was filled with small artisan workshops of all kinds. Today, only a few such places remain, as others have been converted into luxury apartments. Inside their workshop, Giuliano and Maria Neve use tools and techniques unchanged for over one hundred years.

Just as they have for more than 40 years, husband and wife Giuliano and Maria Neve recreate the beauty of the natural world in their exquisite accessories, right in the heart of historic Florence. Giuliano and Maria use the lost wax casting method to create treasures uno alla volta, or one at a time. In this traditional technique, they create highly sculpted original molds for each elaborate design. Each piece is first cast in wax, then in brass, before it is adorned with colorful accents and rich enamel.

These master artisans handcraft a variety of treasures ranging from necklaces, earrings, charm bracelets, picture frames, and even beautifully detailed pill boxes. For St. Patrick’s Day, they have crafted a special collection that features four-leaf clover designs, in which they hand-cast the four leaf clover in brass, and then bring each piece to life by hand-painting a green enamel.

We love having the opportunity to partner with Giuliano and Maria to bring such exquisite and unique treasures for St. Patrick’s Day. To view all of their Florentine treasures, visit their artisan page.


Florentine Clovers Charm Bracelet



Florentine Clovers Picture Frame



Florentine Clovers Pill Box



Florentine Millefiori Clover Earrings