Uno Alla Volta customers love millefiori caning. When done with polymer clay rather than the traditional glass, the designs are brilliantly colored to create joyful hues and beautiful patterns. Imagine our delight when we discovered Daria of Canada, who brings this beautiful art form to a new purpose: embellishing glassware. Her vibrant new collection of wine glasses comes just in time for spring with their intricate floral designs of vivid violet, magenta, and lime.


Daria’s innate creativity reflects the simplicity of using materials that were available to her as a child growing up in Canada. Specifically, she attributes much of her inspiration for creating handmade artwork to a scarf she made for her father when she was just 9 years old. She cherished the idea of being able to handcraft a gift for someone she loved. Even though her scarf had flaws, which is expected of a 9 year old making her very first knitted project, her father loved the scarf because it was functional, practical, and most importantly, made by Daria.

Today, this is Daria’s basis for the majority of her creations: functional, practical, and beautiful (although she admits they are much better finished than that first scarf!) Everything she makes is made with joy and color.

Daria’s collection of millefiori-caned glassware will add fun, festivity, and brightness to your springtime table setting.

Daria’s Millefiori-Caned Red Wine Glass



Daria’s Millefiori-Caned Stemless Wine Glass



Daria’s Millefiori-Caned White Wine Glass