Our Israeli artisan Ori has been creating sparkling treasures for over 20 years. Working alongside his team of talented artisans, each piece is carefully hand-cast in precious metals from a handmade mold, creating jewelry that is unique and flawlessly textured.

Ori was born in the Beit Shean Valley, which he recalls as a beautiful place filled with lakes. Growing up, he was a creative child who would sit for hours and draw pictures on the wall of his parents’ house. In 1983, he left the city and moved to Haifa, where he fell in love with the blue sea. It was there as a teenager that his dream turned into reality. In 1997, he decided to set up a small workshop for jewelry design. He began working with artisans from Russia and started to design for the domestic market. Today, Ori takes pride in crafting his treasures using age-old techniques with artisans from around the world.



Each piece in this “Midnight Sparkle” collection is carefully designed, then a unique mold is created so the piece can be cast in sterling silver. Lastly, each piece is set with sparkling, brilliantly blue Swarovski crystals.

Ori’s “Midnight Sparkle” Sterling Silver Bracelet


Ori’s “Midnight Sparkle” Sterling Silver Earrings


Ori’s “Midnight Sparkle” Sterling Silver Necklace


Ori’s “Midnight Sparkle” Sterling Silver Ring