Uno Alla Volta means one at a time in Italian and describes how our artisans lovingly create each treasure. And, taking things uno alla volta is at the core of our philosophy for living a meaningful life. Our merchandising team travels the world in search of artisans with whom we can collaborate to create our very special designs. Recently, our merchandising team took a journey across the Atlantic in order to meet with our Italian artisans to bring our new ideas and designs to life.

Two members of our merchandising team – Marina, Amelia, and our copywriter Anna – traveled through Venice, the Isle of Murano, and Florence to meet with the artisans who create some of our customers’ favorite treasures, such as our Florentine bucket bags, our hand blown glass, and our Murano jewelry.

Anna documented her trip in a travel log that we would like to share with you. Throughout the next two weeks, Anna will share with us what she learned about the power of communication, the importance of family, her favorite foods, and more. Join Anna on her journey as she shares her experience with our Uno Alla Volta family.


Amelia, Marina, and Anna take in the beautiful Italian scenery around them