Our merchandising team took a journey across the Atlantic to visit our artisans in Italy. Anna, our copywriter, kept a travel log of the trip to share her experience with our Uno Alla Volta family.

“It is impossible to visit Italy and say nothing about the food! My favorite meal during the trip was the pizza I ate in Nove, covered in decadent mozzarella cheese and earthy, flavorful porcini mushrooms. I was so impressed by the all the delicious pasta and pizza, but above all, the coffee was my absolute favorite. There was no bitterness or acidity to the beverage whatsoever. It was so smooth and creamy, and the cappuccinos were topped with delicious foam. I couldn’t get enough.

“Another favorite beverage we discovered was the signature cocktail of Venice: the Aperol Spritz. The fun, orange cocktail was served at every restaurant, and I couldn’t wait to get home and share the recipe with everyone. It’s very simple: combine two parts Prosecco with one part Aperol, and top with soda water for a fun fizz. It’s served over ice and garnished with an orange slice. Delicious! That recipe is certainly the best “souvenir” from this trip, and knowing that I will think of our amazing artisans and the breathtaking setting of Italy each time I drink it makes it absolutely invaluable.”

Anna, Queen of Editorial

Food And Culture

Our merchant Marina enjoys a true Italian cappuccino by the water


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