Our merchandising team took a journey across the Atlantic to visit our artisans in Italy. Anna, our copywriter, kept a travel log of the trip to share her experience with our Uno Alla Volta family.

“Since I began working with Uno, I have often heard about Murano: a glimmering isle off the Venetian coast, famous for its glass artistry. Although I have read so much about this place, nothing could have prepared me for the beauty of cruising the Mediterranean Sea in a water taxi and arriving at Lorena’s doorstep. Everything on Murano seemed to be from another world, another time, another realm of reality, dripping with wonder and tradition.

“Inside, Lorena and her sister Michela were overjoyed to share the history of their craft with us. Michela showed me a huge chunk of aventurine, or copper crystal, and explained that it has been customary to adorn glass with that material for centuries. Having learned the craft from Nina, their mother, these women are proud to carry on the family tradition by devoting their lives to glassmaking.


“Just outside their workshop was a shimmering canal, which other shops and restaurants were lined against. We walked a few steps and met with Roberta, the artisan behind many of your favorite Murano glass animals and “forever flowers.” She had the coolest personal style, with a short black bob haircut, a small, tasteful nose stud, and was wearing a grey sheath dress with amazing black boots. My first thought was: “Wow, she’s so beautiful, I want to be her!” From the style to the characters to the setting, everything about Murano was completely and utterly magical.”

All About Murano

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