Our accessories extravaganza has begun! Scarves, hats, and handbags are everywhere to be seen at Uno Alla Volta. With the warmer weather, brighter colors are making their way into our wardrobes and we couldn’t be happier.

Spring is the season for silk scarves. A scarf is one of the most versatile accessories – wear it around your neck, tie it around the strap of your bag, fasten it into a hair accessory, or wrap it around your shoulders on a cool spring evening.

Looking for ways to style yours? Now that spring is in full swing, that doesn’t mean it’s time to pack away your scarves until next winter. In fact, now is the season to get creative! Discover new ways to style your extravagant accessory with our scarf guide.

  1. The Infinity Scarf – Tie the ends of your scarf together in a gentle knot to create a loop. Put the scarf around your neck, making sure the knot stays in the back. Twist the scarf in front of you to make an infinity sign, and wrap it once more around your neck, making sure the back knot stays hidden.
  2. The Lapel Drape – To dress up a classic blazer, trench coat or pea coat, simply drape the scarf evenly under the lapel of your jacket. This works best with a lightweight scarf, like the ones Joyita makes.
  3. The City Chic – For a classic look that’s both business professional and everyday chic, drape the scarf around your neck, keeping each side even. Bring the left side over and under the right, making sure to keep the tie close to your neck. Then do the same a second time, making the sides hang in an even overlay down the center.
  4. The Bow Tie Scarf – Hang the scarf around the back of your neck, keeping each side even. Cross the sides high in front of you, staying close to your neck. Then, as if you are tying a shoe or a ribbon, create two large loops to tie together in front of you, making a bow.
  5. The Eternally Effortless – You can never go wrong with a scarf that you can just throw on over any outfit, no matter the season. Fold your scarf in half, then bring the loop on the end to the back side of your neck. Cross the opposite side across the front of your neck, and guide it through the loop you made. Adjust to your comfort.
  6. The Show Off – To show off the unique and bold design of a statement scarf, loosely drape one side around the back of your neck, keeping the other side longer. Wrap the longer side in front of you and bring it once more around the back of your neck, creating even sides. Pull the center in front of you, keeping it a loose and relaxed fit. This style looks great with a square scarf, but can be worn with any scarf.

Our California artisan, Joyita, is an expert in handcrafting scarves. Bold or subtle, each of Joyita’s paintings on silk is a unique exploration in color, design and technique. A self-taught artist, she is inspired by the childhood joy of painting with her grandmother. Each scarf pairs glorious colors and patterns with exquisitely touchable texture. After hand-painting the fabric in her California studio, Joyita dries it for 24 hours before steam setting the brilliant hues.

Lucille of Connecticut makes her beautiful silk scarves just up the road from our office. Lucille can be found in her kitchen transforming white silk into one-of-a-kind marbleized works of art. She combs colorful drops of paint that float atop a bath containing a special solution. Once the pattern is perfected, she meticulously stretches her luxurious canvas of silk into the solvent, transferring and preserving the complex designs.


When it comes to scarves, the style opportunities are endless. For more inspiration, take a look at our entire collection of scarves.