As the home and accessories buyer for Uno Alla Volta, I’ve had the chance to work with vendors all over the globe. Through my work, I’ve been exposed to countless fashions, and honed my personal style through that exploration.

Joyita’s “Bermuda Sunset” Silk Scarf


This scarf from Joyita brings me back to the days when I studied painting and art history as an undergraduate student. My creativity was at its peak, and I was just beginning to discover my love of form and color. Explore some creative ways to style this scarf with the Uno Alla Volta guide to scarves !

Carole’s Natural Fiber Sun Hat


Carole’s classic hats are always in style, with designs for every outfit and season. We have a lot of fun naming the styles after women in our office and our family members. I know it will be my go-to hat this spring and summer, with the wide brim and cute floral detailing.

Alessandra And Elisabetta’s Metallic Bucket Bag


My annual visit to see Alessandra and Elisabetta in their Florentine studio is always the highlight of spring for me. I almost forget that I’m working when I’m driving through the Tuscan hillside to get there! As a buyer, I really appreciate how much their sweet, warm, feminine spirits are embodied in their marvelous handbags.

I’m hoping our Accessories Extravaganza will leave you equally as inspired!

With love, Marina


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