Our accessories extravaganza continues with these statement cuffs for every occasion. Pair your vibrant scarves with these bold cuffs to make your ensemble come together. A cuff adds sophistication and style to the outfit of your choice, and can turn a classic outfit into a spring-ready look.

Our organic mixed metals diamond cuff come to us from our Georgia artisan, a native of India who draws inspiration from the exotic beauty and richly creative culture of her native country to design each cuff. Growing up amid the exotic natural beauty of Rajasthan, India, our artisan developed a passion for design at an early age. When she moved to the United States, she began handcrafting her own jewelry designs, and today, she and her simple, stunning nature-inspired designs create employment for skilled Indian artisans who bring her designs to life, allowing her to share her good fortune with the community and culture that inspire her. She returns regularly to her home state of Rajasthan, where a third generation family of artisans uses hand-cut and forged brass in order to bring her designs to life. This gorgeous cuff is made uno alla volta, with craft and precision, making it truly a handcrafted treasure.

Organic Mixed Metals Diamond Cuff



For nearly 30 years, Jan Michaels has been traveling the globe, finding artistic inspiration in her worldly experiences. Jan Michaels loves to visit museums and ancient sites to study decorative styles of times past. Her extensive journeys inspire the eclectic designs that she and her team handcraft in her San Francisco workshop, hand- assembling intricate metal stampings with semi-precious stones specially selected from exotic lands. Her creations are wearable pieces of art–timeless fashions and treasures to enjoy now and into the future. The breadth of her experiences is apparent in the unique, nuanced, varied jewelry she creates. Each cuff she handcrafts tells a story. In her San Francisco studio, Jan and her team hand assemble each unique “Skyline Striations” piece using specially chosen materials. This collection is handmade from turquoise magnesite and hand-hammered brass.

Jan Michaels’ “Skyline Striations” Cuff


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To learn more about how she brings her designs to life, you can watch Jan describe the inspiration behind her Comedy-Tragedy Collection here.

In a mix of texture and material, our Tennessee artisan, Karen, pairs bold gemstone accents with sleek metal to create unique statement pieces. Whether you like large statement cuffs or more subtle chic accessories, Karen creates a piece for everyone with her wire-wrapped cuffs.

Karen’s Wire-Wrapped Violet Drusy Cuff



Karen’s Wire-Wrapped Blue Drusy Cuff



Karen’s Wire-Wrapped Jade Cuff


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