In her quaint workshop, tucked in between the winding village streets in New York’s Hudson River Valley, Carole, our milliner, designs each of our show-stopping hats. Carole stuns us with her ability to craft magnificent hats of all varieties, including cloches, floppies, sunhats, visors, bowler hats and more. It seems her ideas are endless! Following her creative combinations of shape, color, and texture, her team of highly skilled, specialized artisans handcraft each hat, uno alla volta. To create each summer sunhat, genuine straw is pressed and shaped onto a heated mold, then bedecked with colorful adornments.


On a recent trip to an artisan exposition, some of our merchants had the chance to connect with Carole as she showed off some of her newest creations. We can’t wait for you to see what else she has up her sleeve!

Marina and Carole3

Our home and accessories buyer Marina with Carole

See all of Carole’s beautiful hats on her artisan page at