A creator of extraordinary beaded jewelry and accessories, Mariagrazia of Venice brings true artistry to her craft. Each piece is a masterpiece of composition, color, and construction – a work of art guided by the heart, and rewarded by the joy of sharing its beauty with the collector.

Mariagrazia’s Hand-Beaded Floral Wreath


This wreath is a stunning showcase of Mariagrazia’s mastery of her craft. Each flower on this wreath is hand-beaded onto malleable wire, shaped into the perfect form, and then joined to the next one in a perfect circle. Each flower is a masterpiece of composition, color and construction. Each wreath will be made to order, and will take some time to be perfectly hand-shaped. The process is incredibly meticulous and labor intensive, but the final product is nothing short of a masterpiece.


Hand-Beaded White Daffodils


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, saying “I love you forever” has never been easier than with flowers that will always stay as perfect as the day you brought them home. In her Venetian studio, Mariagrazia utilizes her patient and creative ability when handcrafting her eternal white daffodils, uno alla volta. She individually hand-strings hundreds of tiny Venetian glass seed beads onto fine copper wire, then hand-shapes each delicate strand into these lavishly sculpted flowers. Bring some bloom to any room with these gorgeous flowers, an ideal accent for any home.

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