Uno Alla Volta is celebrating Mother’s Day this year with stories and memories from around the office.

My mom’s grandmother came from Slovakia, and although she brought with her very little English, she did bring along an incredible pierogi recipe. This recipe has been passed down through every generation of women in my family, and although I have been enjoying these pierogis for decades, I only very recently learned how to make them myself. My mom passed the torch on to me, and I hope to keep this tradition alive in the generations of my family to come!

My Family Recipe for Slovak Pierogis


2 ½ lbs flour

1 egg

1 cup water

2 pinches salt

Mix and knead dough, then cut into circles with the lid of a cup.


2 ½ lbs potatoes to peel and boil

Mash with cheese to create a thick consistency.


Put potato filling on each circle, and pinch closed into a half-circle shape. Boil 8 minutes until they float. Let cool, then fry in butter – the most important part according to my mom! Make sure to watch the pan as the butter browns to avoid it burning.

-Carrie, Marketing & Public Relations Assistant