Our artisans of Arezzo, Italy use an intricate process to bring these exquisite animals to life. First, they study the animals in their natural habitats, sketching out and designing the shape of each figurine, then handcraft a wax prototype with meticulous attention to detail. Once the design is complete, each figurine is cast in sterling silver and adorned with hand-painted details in colorful enamel to create realistic definition and lots of character.

Saturno Solid Silver Miniatures

Even more impressive than the impeccable form of each casting is the texture created by the rich enamels. The iridescence and striations in the colors create realistic fur, bringing these beloved animals to life with every stroke. Each miniature is so lifelike it looks as if it may begin to crawl across your palm at any moment.

Saturno Enamel Pig in Pail


Saturno Enamel Rabbit In Boot


Solid Sterling Silver Saturno Miniature Mama Cat


Saturno Small Enamel Frog


Large Lady Bug


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