Growing up as a little girl, there was never anyone bigger or stronger than my dad. I remember feeling so small in his presence, I always felt such a strong sense of protection from him, like nothing could ever hurt me as long as he was there, surely I loved being ‘daddy’s little girl’.

As I grew older, he supported me in different ways. He always encouraged me to try new things, instilled a strong work ethic through his own example, encouraged me to be independent, always told me I could achieve anything I set my mind to, and even as a young child, he never shielded me from the (sometimes cold) realities of the real world, something to this day I am so very grateful for.

It was his loving but realistic approach to being a father that so prepared me for the times he wasn’t there, like when I moved to NYC for college at the age of 18 (being in my 30’s, I now understand his concern), or traveled internationally for my first study abroad experience, I always carried with me the life lessons he had shared with me all of those years ago.

As much as I have always loved, cared for and appreciated my father, it is amazing how much this continues to grow with my age. I have had the luxury of seeing him be a grandfather to my nephew and two nieces, and it makes me so excited to know there are still so many things we will share. His example has allowed me to know the type of man I want in a husband and father to my future children, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be his daughter.

Wishing my dad Raymond, and all of the wonderful father’s out there a very Happy Father’s Day!

-Lorraine, Digital Marketing Manager

Lorraine & dad

Lorraine & dad 2