As the youngest of four children, I have always been daddy’s little girl – so much so that my siblings (and even my mom) nicknamed me “the secret weapon.” They were convinced that whenever they wanted something, all they had to do was get me to ask my dad and he would instantly say yes. From bringing home candy to buying us pug puppies, that actually proved to be the truth!

I have always looked up to my father for his unparalleled intelligence, witty humor, verbose vocabulary, and his sage advice. Growing up, I was so inspired by my father’s love of all things French. One day I decided that I wanted him to teach me French too, and from that day forward his unwavering support led to frequent trips to Quebec, moving to France, and many, many croissants. I bet he never could have imagined as a high schooler in his French class that one day he would have a daughter who would live in Paris!

I am so lucky to have two incredibly loving and supportive parents who will always encourage me to follow my heart, wherever that leads me (even if that’s back to Paris, sorry Mom!)

Papa, je t’aime, merci pour tout que tu fais pour moi toujours.


Carrie, Marketing & Public Relations Assistant


I was lucky enough to have my dad come to every single Girl Scout Father-Daughter Dance growing up…and a mom to scrapbook every memory!


Fast forward 10 years to when my parents came to visit me in Paris – here, we are at the famous Bastille!