Born and raised in Israel, Michal came to the US during her college years. Her father was a metallurgist (scientist of metals) and he came to the US on a sabbatical and worked as a visiting scientist with the National Bureau of Standards. For the last four decades, Michal has been proud to call the United States her home. Her three now grown children, all born in New York City, are each living the American dream in his or her own way.


With the pride of her new home, New York artisan, Michal Golan reflects her Middle-Eastern background into this “Love Of Country” collection. In honor of her beloved new country, Swarovski crystals and glass beads in red, white, and blue are all hand-set into 24k gold-plated brass to handcraft this fabulous necklace. Michal Golan truly lives the American dream, with a flourishing career that fulfills a lifelong passion.

Michal Golan’s “Love Of Country” Square Pendant Necklace


Michal Golan’s “Love Of Country” Crystal Star Brooch


Michal Golan’s “Love Of Country” Earrings


Michal Golan’s “Love Of Country” Charm Bracelet


Michal’s “Love Of Country” Ring


Michal’s “Love Of Country” Heart Earrings


Michal Golan’s “Love Of Country” Heart Pendant Necklace


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