With summer all around us, we at Uno Alla Volta are infinitely inspired by the beauty of nature. The sunflowers drink in the warm rays of the sun, the bumblebees buzz with the cool breezes of spring, the ocean’s current aligns with the moon – all of these facets of Mother Nature compel us to create.

Join us as we drink in the warm air of summer with our nature-inspired treasures for the home and to wear.

Leaf-Patterned Leather Crossbody Handbag


As if imprinted directly from leaves, delicate patterns are captured in remarkable detail on each one-of-a-kind handbag. Our Florida artisan uses tools of her own design to create the patterns in the leather before it is cut and sewn into a unique work of art.

Florentine Bumblebee Brooch


In their Florence, Italy, workshop, Giuliano and Maria Neve, husband and wife for over 40 years, recreate nature’s beauty in gold-plated brass using the lost wax casting method. They bring this bumblebee brooch to life in hand-painted jewelers enamel and glittering hand-set crystal accents.

Joyita’s “Tree Of Life” Devore Silk Scarf


Drawing inspiration from the lush colors of California’s forests, Joyita masterfully creates each “Tree Of Life” scarf in devore silk. After hand-painting the fabric with brilliant silk dyes, she dries each scarf for 24 hours before steam-setting the glorious colors.

Cresting Wave Paperweight


Our Washington State artisans continually challenge the limits of molten glass with new ideas and designs, expertly creating each piece by hand. A marriage of science and art, these paperweights reveal the intricacies and mystery of naturally occurring phenomenon captured forever in crystal. Each contains dichroic glass for an iridescent effect which will hypnotize the viewer.

Daniel Lyons’ Bumblebee Brooch


Our dazzling bumblebee brooch is handcrafted in London by our jeweler, Daniel Lyons. Its sculpted metal surface is plated with 23k gold and accented with colorful jewelers’ enamel. It is then adorned with numerous multi-colored hand-set faceted Swarovski crystals.

Sunflower And Pomegranate Wreath


Artisans in Baja California, Mexico handcraft a floral treasure with this sunflower and pomegranate wreath. This wreath is assembled by hand with a variety of preserved and dried natural leaves with flowers, and finished with natural dried pomegranates and sunflowers.

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