Anyone who has ever visited the town of Sorrento, the gateway to the Amalfi coast, will share with you stories of the lush greenery of the city. But, Sorrento brings to the world so much more than beautiful scenery and its world famous limoncello.

Since the 16th century, it has been the home of a very special art form known as “intarsia.” This ancient art consists of cutting and assembling small pieces of shaped wood to produce beautiful mosaic artwork.

Our artisan, Antonino, first learned his craft from his uncle Vincenzo, more than 40 years ago. Today, Antonino brings patience, passion and imagination to his beautiful works, crafted of a variety of woods: mahogany, maple, paddock, tulipie, and horse chestnut. He is forever inspired by the stunning views of his beloved hometown.

Take a stroll through Sorrento with Antonino’s “Girasoli Sulla Baia” wall art. This beautiful scene’s name is Italian for “Sunflowers On The Bay.” Antonino crafts each piece, uno alla volta, before finishing it with many coats of a glistening lacquer. This signed treasure is intended to be passed from generation to generation.

Antonino’s “Girasoli Sulla Baia” Intarsia



“Gatti Sotto I Limoni” Wall Art


Antonino of Sorrento handcrafts each “”Gatti Sotto I Limoni” wall art piece one a time in his Italian studio. Translating to “Cats Under The Lemons,” each piece is crafted from a special technique known as “intarsia,” in which small pieces of wood are cut and assembled into larger mosaics. Once he finishes piecing the image together, the wood is sealed with multiple coats of a gleaming finish.

Meet Antonino