Listen to the sounds of summer and the music of the wind with our whimsical wind chimes. Each breeze sings a song, and each ray of the sun casts a shimmer that dances in the summer sky. From ocean creatures to the critters we find in our garden, find a melodious treasure to complement your porch or your living room.

Artisans in the port city of Surat, India, continue their centuries-old tradition of metal crafting, hand-cutting and forging iron into functional, decorative pieces. Using closely-guarded family formulas, they create their own metal alloys to craft “nana” bells: the sweetly soothing bells that accent their rustic designs, each sounding a gentle reminder to slow down, relax, and enjoy the breeze.

Handcrafted “Dragonfly” Nana Bell Chime


Handmade Seahorse Wind Chime


Handmade Bird Wind Chime


Handmade Cat Wind Chime


Handmade Turtle Wind Chime


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