Get in touch with your wild side with these sensational safari-themed treasures for your home and to wear.

Hand-Etched Safari Glassware


African in inspiration, culture and workmanship, these safari-themed glasses are meticulously hand-etched by Luo tribesmen of Kenya. Your purchase provides the artisans with a livelihood and better education for their children. This set of four glasses each come with one of each design: Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, and Cheetah.

Saud’s Giraffe Wooden Wall Art


To create each piece, our New Jersey artisan, Saud, engraves a meticulously-detailed design into natural wood using a laser-cutter, combined with hand-sanding and staining techniques. He combines the natural grains and texture of wood with strong yet elegant lines. Using local raw and ethically-sourced materials, each piece unveils a story that combines the nature and beauty of life simultaneously. The majestic giraffe will elegantly grace any wall in your home.

Hand-Carved Safari Bowl


Each dramatic bowl is meticulously hand-carved from native jacaranda wood by Akamba tribesmen in Mombasa, Kenya. Once carved, the wood is sanded down to a smooth finish and hand-painted with natural colored dyes, and six majestic animals encircling the rim. A clear wax finish, applied by hand, gives shine and character to each piece.

Letizia’s Giraffe Doorstop


In her tiny workshop in the heart of Florence, Letizia brings to life adorable creatures made from fine Florentine upholstery and drapery fabrics, such as this doorstop. Her giraffe is both adorable and refined at the same time. He will hold open your door, make you smile and start many conversations.

Cristina’s Venetian Cheetah Earrings


Cristina, our Venetian glass artisan, lampworks each pair of cheetah earrings one at a time in her studio. Venetian glass is lampworked over a small flame to encapsulate this fun cheetah print inside each glimmering bead.

Amber And Brass Giraffe Figurine


In his Russian studio, master artist, Vladimir creates our exquisite safari amber and brass giraffe figurine. Each unique giraffe design is hand-sculpted from clay, cast in gleaming brass and then affixed to chunks of genuine, polished amber.

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