September has arrived and autumn is just around the corner. Welcome in the new season with some of our favorite orange accessories, including hats, scarves, jewelry and more. Whether it be tangerine, peach, melon, or pumpkin, there is a shade of orange that is sure to add an autumn flair to any outfit.

Find your shade at Uno Alla Volta!

Alessandra and Elisabetta’s Florentine Tote Bags

These Italian handbags are masterfully handcrafted by Alessandra in her family-run workshop in Florence, Italy. Alessandra and her sister, Elisabetta, continue to anticipate fashion trends with sophisticated styles, luxurious leathers and exacting detail. Their chic handbags have developed a strong following, which makes us happy to offer you these bags, handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta.

Alessandra’s Burnt Orange and Beige Suede Bucket Bag Of Florence


Alessandra And Elisabetta’s Orange Florentine Leather Tote Bag


Italian Leather Handbag With Bamboo Handles


Giulio’s Orange Venetian Glass Torsade


This stunning torsade was handcrafted uno alla volta by Giulio, our Venetian glass master. The blend of stunning orange shades is bold, beautiful, and fun, making it the perfect gift.


Lorena’s Autumnal Hues Torsade of Murano Glass


To create each Autumnal Hues torsade necklace, Lorena of Murano, Italy handcrafts tiny glass seed beads in shades of red, maroon, gold and black, one at a time, over a small flame before they are strung together by hand. On Venice’s famed Isle of Murano, Lorena and her family keep alive the glass-working tradition begun by her mother, Nina.

Avi Soffer’s Amber And Sterling Silver Oval Earrings  and Necklace

Avi’s stunning oval necklace and earrings feature hand-forged sterling silver accented with a genuine golden amber cabochons. Amber, highly appraised for its warm, golden hues and gemstone qualities, is not actually a stone at all. Found in areas surrounding the Baltic Sea, the rare fossilized tree resin from over 45 million years ago is collected and polished to a smooth finish. Amber is said to be used for its therapeutic healing and relaxing fragrance when held in the palm of your hand.

Jan Michaels’ Carnelian Cocktail Ring


Jan Michaels of San Francisco draws on over 30 years of jewelry design experience when handcrafting this carnelian cocktail ring. This hand-set, rustic orange stone is believed to protect the wearer from evil, a superstition that dates all the way back to ancient Egypt.

Letizia’s Orange Florentine Handbag


This orange handbag was skillfully handcrafted by Letizia of Florence. She has developed special relationships with fabric suppliers around the world, and with this unique access, she acquires remnants of spectacular weaves, and transforms them into pieces for everyone to enjoy. For this handbag, she combines rich brocade with Italian leather straps and a gorgeous fabric interior.

Joyita’s Hand-Painted Silk Pumpkin Scarf


Self-taught artist Joyita awakens a blank canvas of silk satin chiffon by hand-painting vivid pumpkins, and drying and steaming each color to set it before she adds another.

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