The thirteen nights of Halloween will creep up on us soon enough. Get ready for the holiday with spooky (and not-so-spooky) home décor to get in the spirit!

“See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” Halloween Ghost Figurine


Colorado artisan Gwen likens her craft to painting with clay, creating each figurine featuring three “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” not-so-spooky Halloween ghosts defying gravity as they float atop a marbleized autumn leaf, joined by brightly colored pumpkins at their base.

“Salem” Dichroic Glass Black Cat Sculpture


Karen has been creating dazzling stand-up sculptures, such as this dichroic glass black cat, for years. She creates each sculpture, uno alla volta, by hand-cutting glass and fusing the pieces together in a kiln, all right in her Southern California studio.

Recycled Glass Cat Nightlight


This recycled glass cat nightlight would make the perfect gift for the cat lover in your life. To handcraft each one, our eco-conscious family of artisans in Florida crushes discarded bottles from nearby restaurants, then fuses them into these unique nightlights.

Halloween Jack-O’-Lantern Nana Bell Chime


If you want to impress your family with the most unique Halloween decor, this Jack-O’-Lantern nana bell chime will certainly do the trick. Each wind chime is handcrafted in the Indian port city of Surat from hand-cut and forged iron, and adorned with bright orange beads and a copper alloy nana bell.

“Shimmering Glenda” Dichroic Glass Witch Figurine


No matter which way you glance at her, our “Shimmering Glenda” dichroic glass Halloween witch figurine will be twinkling back at you. Karen, our southern California glass artisan, has been creating dazzling standup sculptures of dichroic glass for years, but this is her first “person” ever. She creates each Glenda uno alla volta, by hand-cutting glass and fusing the pieces together in a kiln.

Hand-Gilded Jack-O’-Lantern Wine Glass


In a third-generation workshop in Verona, Italy, Amedeo and his two sons, Valentino and Roberto, transform ordinary glass into luminous works of art. After applying stucco jack-o’-lanterns to the glass, a layer of gold leaf is added by hand, then brushed with translucent glazes. Once completely dry, each is hand-polished to a gleaming luster.

Yellow Murano Millefiori Pumpkin Glass Sculpture from the Campanella Family


Showcasing their masterful artistry and technique, the Campanella family of Murano keeps alive the traditions of their ancestors as they handcraft each exquisite millefiori pumpkin, one at a time. Our artisans decorate each pumpkin by meticulously layering thin slices of orange, yellow and white glass canes to form each millefiori work of art.

Pewter Halloween Magnets


Our artisans in a small harborside village in Nova Scotia handcraft each pewter Halloween magnet from lead-free pewter, which is hand-finished and polished to a gleaming luster. The artists donate a portion of the proceeds to fund charitable organizations.

Christie’s Autumnal Suncatchers

Just in time for the autumn season, Christie of Texas handcrafted each festive stained glass uno alla volta, ready to hang in your window. As one of the most well-respected stained glass artists in the country, Christie has built a career on large window installations, while still indulging in smaller pieces, bringing light and color into our world with each handcrafted glass suncatcher. Watch the interplay of the light and shadow as the sun shines through the orange, green and brown glass.

Christie’s Pumpkin Suncatcher


Christie’s Jack-O’-Lantern Suncatcher


Letizia’s 2017 Edition Florentine Kitchen Witch


According to Italian legend, La Befana was an elderly woman who was busy sweeping her front stoop when three wise men passed by on their way to visit the Christ child. Because of her chore, she could not go with them, and later realized what an opportunity she had missed. Now, to make up for her mistake, she flies on her broom to visit all the children of the world every January, leaving gifts for the well-behaved and coal for the naughty.

Mark’s Pink And Orange Hand-Blown Glass Pumpkin


Drawing on over forty years’ experience, our New Orleans glass artisan masterfully shapes rich layers of molten glass speckled with pink and orange to create each hand-blown glass pumpkin sculpture. This adorable glass pumpkin is the perfect item to decorate your house for fall.

Stitched Felt Witch Mouse


For 36 years, our artisan located on the western shore of Lake Michigan has been dressing mice for the holidays. This whimsical mouse, with handmade stitched felt body, glass-bead eyes and nose, and mouse-sized costume, is ready for some “spook-tacular” Halloween fun.

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