Here in New England, the leaves are coming into their peak colors. Our days are getting shorter. The nights are getting colder. Yet inside, our homes are growing warmer.

This is a time of “in-gathering.” A time of families and friends coming together, sitting by the fire and lingering around the table.

If spring is a time when relationships are born or renewed, then autumn is a time to deepen those relationships. As we baste our turkeys and roast them slowly to bring out their full flavor, and must also marinate the meaningful connections in our lives.

Our name, as you know, means one at a time. Beyond describing how our artisans lovingly create each treasure we sell, taking things uno alla volta is our philosophy for living a meaningful life.

Let’s remind one another that we are each artisans in our own lives. Let’s shape each day with creativity and intention and make sure we carve out sacred time for those activities and people who matter to us most.

In celebration of handcrafted moments,


Terri S. Alpert

Founder & CEO