At Uno Alla Volta, we are endlessly inspired by the beauty of Italy and the exquisite craftsmanship that comes with it. After all, our name is Italian for one at a time! We are continuously amazed by the stunning treasures that our Italian artisans continue to create, year after year. Their creativity brings us treasures for nearly every occasion – Halloween included!

In Italy, Halloween comes from the concept of “All Hallows Eve”, the night before All Saint’s Day, or Festa di Tutti i Santi in Italian. November 1st is a national holiday in the country, which celebrates all of the Catholic saints. The custom of dressing up the night before has started to become popular in Italy and other European countries that have borrowed the concept from many Anglophone countries, especially America. Knowing this, it makes sense that our Italian artisans are happy to create festive treasures for the occasion!

Celebrate Halloween with the European flair of these festive Italian treasures.

Letizia’s Florentine Fabric Treasures

Our Florentine artisan, Letizia collects vintage fabrics from local Italian markets which she uses to handcraft each treasure. First, she hand-stitches the fabric together and then she fills each with stuffing and finishes it with intricate details and final touches.

Letizia’s 2017 Edition Florentine Kitchen Witch


Letizia of Florence delivers another Halloween masterpiece with this 2017 edition “La Befana” kitchen witch!

Read more about La Befana and the legend behind her in our product spotlight blog post.

Letizia’s Owl Ornaments


Letizia’s Florentine Owl Door Stop


Letizia’s Blue Fabric Pumpkin


Alessandra and Valentina’s Halloween Jewelry

Our Italian artisans, Valentina and Alessandra, handcraft this Venetian glass charm Halloween necklace and pumpkin earrings with great skill and precision as they meticulously design and hand-string each bead. They combine their passion with their creative impulses as they hand make each piece, uno alla volta. This Halloween jewelry will add a sweet and spooky touch to any ensemble.

Venetian Glass Halloween Charm Necklace


Pumpkin Venetian Glass Earrings


The Campanella Family’s Murano Glass Halloween Treasures

On Venice’s isle of Murano, the Campanella family puts its own stamp on the long tradition of Venetian glass artistry.  Livio, who learned his craft alongside several of Murano’s legendary glass makers, is joined by his three children and extended family as they use time-honored techniques to create extraordinary works of art in glass, uno alla volta.

Yellow Murano Millefiori Pumpkin Glass Sculpture from the Campanella Family


Green and Yellow Murano Glass Millefiori Pumpkin


Green and Purple Murano Glass Millefiori Pumpkin


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